Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brocante in Fays

Last week - good and bad, like in life...

Last week we had good and bad, a mixture that kept us busy, worried, sad and happy! Last saturday, we had some guests and a very tasty BBQ, but also we invited our guests to come with us for the "open door day", at some schools (kindergartens) that invited us for that date. Here, there is the custom that schools and kindergatens organize an "open door day" and they invite the families with children for a visit, so that people can choose the school that seems most suitable for their children. We visited just two, because the second one won our heart, and we were so lucky that this school is the closest to our place also (just 4-5 min. walking!). In the moment we entered the door, we were welcomed very nicely, by smiling, young people with obvious interest for their work and a lot of love for children. The vice-director took his time (more than 1 hr.) to give us a complete tour of the school kindergarten and school)and show us everything, explain us all, give us a small treat, introducing us all the staff, making us familiar with the surroundings, the beautiful playiong ground, all the rooms, all the facilities, etc!! And what was more important, we could hardly take Luca away from there!And then, it hit us!! Our baby is gonna go to "school"!! He is not a little baby anymore, he starts his life, first steps in life!! Overhelming! Sunday we have been to Leuven, just a short visit, and did some very good shopping!

Monday-dentist day! I felt nothing, had a lot of fun with my dentist, so....too good to be true, yet it happened!
After a couple of days - chiropractor! Yes, I got myself a nice lumbago! Again lot of fun (not when she cracked my joints thou...), and after the session was done, my wonderful husband came with an wonderful idea: what about going to Durbuy ( I was complaining that I miss already the mountains since last month when we were in Cochem), spending the night there, and coming back next day! Yupppiiii!!! Durbuy is the smallest town in the world, it is located in the Ardennes, and I love it sooo much! Even though it is so small, all the corners, every inch is a "picture"!! We took a lot of pictures, therefore I made a folder and put them on Picasa, you must know by now to find them in the slide bar!It was a fairy tale! The window of the hotel was facing the "market place", and I enjoyed to see the people and the restaurants in the night! next day we left in a village that was around 20 km away from Durbuy, and we found there a brocante (flea market). We enjoyed a lot, it was really pitoresque to see so many people coming to see this flea market in such a little village, where the streets didn't even have names!! And it was full of cars and visitors!! Normally I don't like such places, find the objects there old and ugly, and I wouldn't spend 1 euro there! Pascal likes them, he still hopes that one day he is gonna buy something very valuable with very little money (there are a lot of legends about that....). And now, here we are back, ready for another week!! Oh yes, at the end of the week we have a very important party: Luca will be 2 years old!! We bought already the main gift - a new bike!! But don't tell him!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It is happening to them,also...

Papa bear is falling asleep while making love!!! HAHAHA!! But look at the face of mama bear: she is like saying: oh, no, not again!!!