Saturday, February 21, 2009

Think of one - Paleto

Finally, after... AGES of trying, I succeeded (without asking anybody) to post this song from my computer, to trilu and then to my blog. This is the song I mentioned before, a very dear one for me. I hope you will enjoy it also. It is my way to introduce the Flemish music to you, by selecting what I think it is the best. This song belongs to "Think of one", a band from Antwerp who plays together with some Brazilian artists. I think the combination is very good! The lyrics are in the Flemish dialect characteristic to the Antwerp area. I saw the guys in concert, they are really good!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Lille - more pictures

I don't know in the photo, but as I was behind her, I could see her panties
My husband wearing my scarf

La Fayette galleries

We had our lunch here

I liked this church


Somewhere in the center
Restaurants, gooood flavours...hunger!

The big market square

I tried to lie to myself, but I heard them talking my language, so...

Chocolate temptations

Going to France

Hello my darlings! Today I woke up with Luca between us in bed (don't know how he got there, Pascal must have brought him early in the morning when I was still deep asleep), with the sun in my heart (I see some outside also), happy and with an urge to go! So, we decided to go to Lille! I am in a mood of seeing the market there, walk on the streets, go to a very special cafe where I've been before and I love it! So...bye bye! Wish me a good trip, to have fun, and I come with nice pictures! Do we have a deal? OK! So...we go, but also wish you THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sing it baaack!!

In a mood of Moloko, a mood of dancing like crazy, I guess!! If you have's worthy!

In the death car

How could I leave this aside? It's the best!


...and to stay in the same area!!


Let's change the rhythm

Beats of love

Fascinating song!

Amicii - I. L. Caragiale

Maestrul maestrilor! Nene Iancule, sa ma ierti ca nu te-am onorat pe 1 februarie, asa cum ar fi trebuit!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More M&M's

A part of my desk, with the eternal jar of M&M's ;)

Manu Chao - Me gustas tu

Another artist, and song that are so dear to my soul!! I was driving for hours and hours, in a rainy night in France, looking out of the window, getting lost in the French town and in this song...

American boy - grooooovyy

A song that I like a lot! It makes me happy, I see myself walking with an exaggerated happy walk somewhere in New York (where I've never been), I don't care that people look at my special walk, I smile wiiiiidely, and I am simply...happy! Of course, this song is playing on my ipod! Yeah baby!! Ca-a-a-sh! Would you be mine? American booooy!!!La la la...

Not much to say today

Like the title say, I have not much to say today, or for the moment...maybe the afternoon will bring something spectacular, but I doubt. Yet, I am gonna enclose some pictures of Luca that I just took - he took one of the sofa's cushions and after putting in on the floor (he likes everything on the floor - I don't!!!)and he lays on it so nicely...!! And something else, I have a new tomato pot!!! Yes something SPECTACULAR happened!!! My husband came at home from job, UNEXPECTED, and we are going somewhere!!!! Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just enetered the door, and scared the s..t out of meeeee!!!!!!

PS I found a nice picture with some m&m's candies that we like a lot lately, and we consume huge quantities. Pascal took the picture without me knowing (is he full of suprises, or what?) and I found it on the memory of the camera. Isn't it sweet?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The sandtiger shark

They are a disappearing species, but the science "guys", people who really care about the legacy we leave to our children, fight with the impossible! They are going to create an artificial uterus where the "little" ones can grow. The problem with this species is that they are cannibals: even in the uterus, the strongest foetus eats the weaker ones, so that in the end, there are only two, three who come out. The scientists are optimist about the results of this attempt, even though it will take years until the sharks are not gonna be threaten with extermination. We wish them good luck and hope they can rescue as many as possible from the endangered species! I also heard they found hundreds of new species in the Pole's seas! Way to go!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pictures honey moon

Our accommodation

Honey moon

As promised, I come back with some memories from our honeymoon. They are so vivid in my mind, images and sensations, flavours and sounds, everything it's a swirl of joy in my head! Portugal was one of my favourite destinations, that I kept especially so that I can go there with someone very special, very dear to me. I was about to go there several times, and in the last moment I postponed. So, there we were, for our honeymoon. I am happy we travelled by car, so that I can admire slowly the change of climate and landscape. In the moment we entered Portugal, as I promised to myself, I was listening to Cesaria Evora, and crying...I smelled Portugal, I listened to Portugal, my eyes could not have enough of it!! The villa we rented was absolutely gorgeous, and the owners thought of everything (Dutch!!):food and drinks (including champagne and wine) in the fridge, baby chair, baby bed...etc. You could see they thought about the baby safety in every little detail. I am gonna show pictures. We were there for 10 days, and we mostly travelled from town to town all over Algarve in this time. Lisboa is an extraordinary's a "must see", and because our time was kind of short, we took one of those English buses to be able to see the most of the town. Normally, when I go in a town where I had never been before, I like to get lost in it, to see the suburbia and the streets with houses where ordinary people live...that's my way to take the pulse of the town. But this time, we had to do it this way, because of lack of time, and because it was too much to see and a pity to miss. Lisboa it's a mixture of old and new, being a very crowded, alive town! The rest of Algarve was exactly how I expected: full of romantic landscapes, history, dust, heat and that specific Portuguese air that you can't find anywhere else! I will show some pictures, but soon I am gonna make an album on Picasa for whomever might be interested!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine Day

My Valentine day was pretty much a classic: restaurant, going to a huuuuuge shop with plants that I like to call my Disneyland, driving around, coming home cause Luca was hungry. The restaurant was very special. It is closed to our place, and every time we passed by we saw it was full, so, naturally we draw the conclusion it must be a good one. So, Pascal made reservation and I guessed in the moment I stepped in the car what the destination would be. They have a beautiful decorated interior, a playing room, a playing ground outside (I find it outrageous in Romania that you don't find ONE place where you can change your baby, or a baby seat - when we were walking in Herastrau, we asked every restaurant, got a negative answer and we had to change the baby on the grass), they even had a place where you can leave your horse (just like in the wild west!), taking into account that the restaurant it's very close to a nature place, and in the summer lot of people go for horseback riding in the area! Food-very good, service-impeccable, price-reasonable! I have some photos from Bomberna also (the plants shop), and some with my "flowers in a red pot" (I love red, and complained last time when I got an orchid that the pot wasn't red!). In the evening we wanted to order some Chinese food. Pascal waited for like an hour, the restaurant was full, plus around 15 people waiting to order "take away". He called another Chinese, then another: none of them were taking orders anymore, they couldn't cope with the affluence of clients! Talking about financial crisis!! at 9.30 pm, I had very long hunger-teeth, and nothing out of the freezer!! So, my husband goes back. he says to the girl who takes the orders: "you know I come here a lot, don't you? You know I come 3-4 times a week (I love Chinese n.b.)! Well, if you don't take my order now, this is the last time I come!" Wow, this is amazing coming from Pascal (he must love me :)!)who is such a polite person, and whom, before knowing me, would have NEVER done this! But, this is what comes out from being married to a Romanian, I guess! The girl took the order, somebody else who ordered at 18.45 (he was holding a note with the order and the hour, and it was 21.45!!) made a big fuss, but...we had our way! We were eating joyfully while watching "Pretty woman". How was yours?