Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not much to say today

Like the title say, I have not much to say today, or for the moment...maybe the afternoon will bring something spectacular, but I doubt. Yet, I am gonna enclose some pictures of Luca that I just took - he took one of the sofa's cushions and after putting in on the floor (he likes everything on the floor - I don't!!!)and he lays on it so nicely...!! And something else, I have a new tomato pot!!! Yes something SPECTACULAR happened!!! My husband came at home from job, UNEXPECTED, and we are going somewhere!!!! Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just enetered the door, and scared the s..t out of meeeee!!!!!!

PS I found a nice picture with some m&m's candies that we like a lot lately, and we consume huge quantities. Pascal took the picture without me knowing (is he full of suprises, or what?) and I found it on the memory of the camera. Isn't it sweet?


Dilimache said...

Hey enjoy your escapade!!!!! Nice surprise from Pascal. The last pic is just awesome, Luca's a sweet handsome boy! And the pot is great too!
As about the m&m's - hmm they're so good especially when you're thin, that's why I prefer to look at them in such pics :-)))

Jokerstyle said...

Inainte sa citesc ce ai scris, chiar ma intrebam daca nu cumva bomboanele din foto nu sunt M&M :).

georgi_claudia said...

am rosii-cireasa in ghiveci, abea stept sa creasca!M&M sunt bune si cand nu esti slab, te asigur ;)Multumesc pt complimentele la adresa lui Luca. Am sa-i transmit...sub forma de pupici!
am facut o pasiune pt m&m's. Avem pe birou in permanenta un borcanas cu capac, plin ochi cu bombonici. Sunt o "priveliste" f frumoasa! Atata timp cat supravietuiesc, si cand nu mai sunt, reincarcam borcanasul!:)

good girls go to heaven bad girls go everywhere said...

Mi-era dor de voi, dragii mei prieteni.
Am citit ce a scris Pascal si recunosc ca mi se umezesc ochii de fiecare data.
Luca este o minune de copil. E o placere sa-l privesti.
Mi-era dor de tine, Georgi. Tu stii ca daca nu scriu, ceva nu e in ordine si cumva te simt atunci cand te gandesti la mine. Uneori mi-e al naibii de greu, ca acum...dar o sa fie ok.
Sa aveti grija de voi!

georgi_claudia said...

Da,B!M-am gandit mult la tine zilele astea!Haide, fii fata cuminte si scrie ceva, stai cu te duce in lumina!! LOL