Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad spell

For more than a month now, we have been like under a bad spell. After the beautiful birthday party of Luca, the chain of bad luck started. First, Luca was sick, then me and Pascal, then Luca again with his viral flu. Pascal again with a laryngitis, then Luca made an urinary infection that troubles us even now (he is still taking antibiotic), then somehow, yesterday I injured a finger, which may not seem like much, but my right hand (that does everything around here :))is almost useless. We went to the emergency, and after 2 hrs. of waiting for the doctoros, x-rays, bla-bla, they told me that is not broken, so...deal with it!! meanwhile I have a lot of pain, it is twice it's size and I can't move it! And this morning, surprise!! Luca has fever AGAIN!!! And a running nose! "Good" that we have an appointment to the doctor anyway for tomorrow, like we have three of them this week (to different doctors, and different reasons, of course)!! I would say they should make as an abonament or something (we do have magnetic cards for this hospital thou, all of us..."haha"). I feel my nerves are leaving me, and still hope to come with some better news...If this is how a bad spell looks like, imagine how it would be to be followed by a good spell of the same magnitude :) ! Then I would have a lot of nice, fun materials to write about on the blog ;)