Friday, March 13, 2009

Ozark Henry - These days

God, this is one WONDERFUL song!!

Ozark Henry - Vespertine

One of the best Belgian artists ever!!Even the king is a fan of him! For the ones who know what good music is....

Novastar - Mars needs woman

These guys know music!

Novastar - Because

Belgian music...check this out! It is super!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have changed the photos on Picasa

You can see now the second part of the Portugal trip. Same place, on the side, between the followers list and Luca's pictures! ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Somebody please shoot them!!

What kind of idiot does this? How stupid, uncivilized,uneducated must you be to do this??!!! Can you imagine that a worm like this, put an end to your life and your family on the road, while he continues his meaningless life??Please, please, somebody shoot them!! I am sooo, so ashamed to be born on the same land with this guy!! How can they (the foreigners) NOT judge us all the same, when they are sooooo many like that!! Way to many!! And please give me a paper bag to put it over my head, to hide away my Romanian face! This was happening yesterday on the road from Antwerpen to Breda, Belgium!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Russian friend

When I decided to come and live here, in Belgium, I had to go to the language school, of course! Ah, what times!! It was the best "school" time ever! We were a special case, as we had to teachers. A female teacher, Sandra, who was the "official one" and a guy who was supposed to learn the teaching art, by assisting her for a month or two. The duo was such a success, we had soooo much fun at school, that the board of directors decided to let the two of them teach for the rest of the year. Among my colleagues were two black guys (Victor and Nilson) who were flirting with EVERY girl in school, a black very sexy girl, Maria, whose tonus and temper were amazing!!She was married with an old guy (one of the black guys told me he saw them at the swimming pool together), and she had two children. She was 25 and the joy for life that only a child can have! Then it was Sabina, an older English woman who sold everything she had in England, after her husband died, to join her son who was married to a Belgian girl. She could never pronounce correctly in Flemish! Her English accent was so strong, that not even with help from a professional she couldn't learn to pronounce well all the words. Otherwise she was very refined, a genuine English lady! We respected her a lot, and she was one of could not feel the age difference even though she imposed herself and you couldn't make bad jokes on her account. Then, it was Petra, the girlfriend in that time (now the wife) of the famous Czech football player David Rozehnal who was playing in that time for Brugge. Utai was a Thai girl married with a Belgian guy (kind of strange, the husband), but she was a girl with a big heart! Of course we were more in the class, but the Muslims were never too eager to make friends with other "religions"!Then, it was US: the formidable trio!! No,no, it was nothing sexual! We were just really good,close friends: it was me (you know me!), it was Vadim, a Russian guy with a very developed sense of humour, and it was Georgeos, a Greek guy who finished the Medicine University in Russia (he was talking good Russian) and now he was trying to legalize his diploma here and get a job! Georgeos was the perfect type of friend, always there for anybody who asked his help, with a dry sense of humour, always optimistic, always with a smile on his face, he loved to travel, and his life was already full of stories, even though he was 3 years younger then me. Vadim was one of a kind. I don't know how he got here, but I know he asked for asylum. He was married and had a boy in Russia. His humour was extremely savorous, he was very faithful to his wife and adored her and their little boy (we all respected that). He was very intelligent, very loyal, also a very good friend, with a big heart, very honest, and with a beautiful soul! Man, what good times we had together,so much fun, so much laughter, and so much support we were giving to each other. We were all going out together (all mentioned above), had our little favourite bar, and I wish those times never ended!! Life wanted that among all the people who ask for asylum here and who mabe are not so honest or finished an university like Vadim, and yet get a positive answer to their request...Vadim got a negative one! In the last evening, we went out together, and Vadim told us the funniest story I ever heard (I laughed almost to suffocation), involving a chalet in the mountains, a bunch of friends and their wives, a hedgehog who:" pardon Georgiana, ate all the food, drank all the milk, and vomited everywhere on the floor!!" And all these, said in English, with the funniest Russian accent possible! I can still hear him in my head, and I laugh right now writing this. He also told us the story of a friend of him who insisted so much to be with his wife when she was giving birth, but then he fainted while watching, got a trauma, and could not have sex to his wife for I don't know how long, as he could not stand to see her..."cat" if you know what I mean ;) anymore...!!
Georgeos could not legalize his diploma here, and left last year to Greece for good. He was my last friend here, from the school time.
Today, I sent an sms to Vadim, and told him about my blog! He promised he will take a look one of these days. I am sooo excited and eager about this, therefore I wrote this post dedicated to all my wonderful colleagues from school!!

Sweet little habits!

And because for a while I have a terrible lack of inspiration (it has been so long since I haven't written an interesting post...have I ever written one? Haha!), and because I feel I should write something, and because I have been talking recently about habits and routine, and because...enough with so much "and because"...(is this what I call being funny? - man, my brain is a smooched pile of...brain!!)What was I saying? Ah, yes, that I wanted to write about habits. Well, the time is ours,meaning really ours (just me and Pascal), is the time from 10.00 pm, till we go to bed. In this time we MUST cuddle in the sofa (I must get massaged), and we must either play on the computer (a certain game called Peggles) or watch "Charmed"! Yes, I know...but this is our routine! This is what gives me that feeling of stability, safety, everlasting, love, security, and it is what I need to get that daily balance I can't work without! I know Peggle is a little childish game, but when we succeed to "master" a level, I get happy, I kiss my lover, we "high and low five" and we feel good! I know Charmed is a simple, naive series, but it relaxes me, and we like to discuss little details from the movie, or to get involved like we watch I don't know what complicated movie! This is for us, that part of the day when we reassure each other by doing this little routine "show"! This is my safety blanket and it really works! What is yours?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Here is the Black Beauty :)

So, we got it! And also new number plates. We are now YYF 312. I like it! Otherwise, I have a terrible migraine...:(

Sunday, March 8, 2009

8th of March

Today my love works! And because he couldn't be at home to prepare my breakfast as usually, and because today is the woman's day, and because he loves me 8.30 I heard someone ringing at the door. I didn't want to answer, I was just up, me and Luca, and we were still upstairs brushing the boy's teeth. The ringing was very insistent, so I decided to go down and see what was the big fuss about. A young guy gives me a nice basket filled with breakfast stuff! Mmmm...I enjoyed that! Thank you love! A happy day to all of you!