Friday, March 27, 2009

The simplicity of good taste

I was born and raised in Romania where everything is colorful: the interieurs, the language, the temper, the ideas, the humour, the nature! Not Africa style colourful, but flasy enough! In the apartment I lived with my parents it was a whole collection of colours in a million little objects, some useful some "decorative". In our living room red was fighting with black and mosterd-yellow, there was some blue also here and there, then white and natural shades, and...ah, I should not forget some more red!! Bathroom was blue, white and very crowded. In the kitchen you could find red, blue, a little pink, white, beige. My bedroom was mostly turquoise, white, brown, beige, but also a little red, and green. It is not that you could find all these colours on the walls or in the furniture, but the apartments were (are!) so small, and people have so many small, big,medium objects on a square meter, each with its own colour(s), that the vertigo of this Babylonian "decorative creation" MUST affect your brain at some level, in some bad way! Yet, nobody seemed to mind! We were so used with this "style", that in the moment I started to live here, the interiors I visited seemed boring and without personality to me! A lot of natural/neutral colours, a lot of white, and also some strong colours. But the strong colours were not "fighting" with anybody, the way I used to see around me! I learnt to refine my taste, and even though I still love colours, the way I combine them is totally different now. I learned to recognize and appreciate harmony and to rest my eyes when I look around me! Hey West, meet East!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More paintings


Melodia care mi-a inspirat pictura cu acelasi nume!

My paintings

I have been recently on the blog of "The Apple" and...surprise! I found "someone" there who has a very close vision as mine in what regards art, painting to be more specific!


I took it from Copper and I pass it on to Good girls (it is the second, if you look under "leapsa" tag, you will see I passed one before,but you didn't take it!!) and to Un Om


Car: Ford parents car
Trip within the borders: Predeal
Trip abroad: Barcelona
Memory: looking in the mirror and seeing a 3 year old girl with piggy tails and holding some artificial flowers in my hands
Pet: Mitzurina, a grey cat who everybody thought it was a "she" till it was proved it was a "he", but we didn't change the name! Great mice hunter (bringing dead birds tribute to the door), a hero!
Crush: Tudor (kindergarden)
Discovery: Hmmm (you hit me here baby!!) So, I was under the walnut tree in our garden (5years old), and moulding something I found on the ground...pretending it is cookies dough - it was a dog shit!!!I discoverd it after...a long time of "playing" with "it", when I realized what was stinking so ! PS - No, I didn't taste Around the same "important discovery date" I made another discovery - if you fill a little syringe with water and then inject it into a spider, this one would not be so happy!! (I was a good child, wasn't I...sweet me!!)
Job: Ahhh, that was the best! It was just after the revolution. Me and my best friend tried to prove our authonomy and abilities to our parents, so we took a job from the newspaper! We were making pre-order for snacks (pufuleti). Every morning it was a little meeting with our boss (who we named between us "the great missouri himslef - insusi marele missouri which was one of my favourite expressions from Tom sawyer, the best book ever, along with : E teapana Huck!!-it's is stiff, Huck that we used in all kind of contexts). We were laughing so badly (with tears and very red face) during these meetings (because of the comments we were making between us about our colleagues-very serious ones-and our boss)that I never understood how we were not kicked out from the room! We worked there for one month. What we got out of that? Looooots of fun (after meetings we were going first home for a brunch and a video movie), then go to all kind of companies and restaurants to sell the "merchandise". We were invited to eat, drink...have a fun chat 5 I told you it was the ideal job!!) We were so good, that we were sent to Satu-Mare and Alba-Iulia, separately, and with a lot of cash money for hotel, transportation, etc. We went together in both places, we made friends with a girl who was a runaway (we gave her money and food (not from our pocket), we bought ourselves cool boots (also not from our pocket), we didn't make too many orders from the clients we were supposed to go, and we came back without any invoices for the money we spent, but we still got our salary!! Best job ever, one of the most beautiful journeys, one of the best memories! What a life, what times!!!
Idol: Nadia Comaneci
Creation: I created a very "avantgarde" haircut when I was 4 years old, that of course I experimented on my own hair, I locked myself in the bedroom. My mother, desperate at the door begging me to open and asking me what I was busy with! Me, answerign it was a suprise. And surprise it was!! I cannot forget the terrified look on my mother face when I came out from the bedroom with a victorious face, and a "new" hairstyle!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I hate...!!

No, I didn't wake upon the wrong side of the bed; I have this post in mind for a while now. I am gonna mention only a couple of the things that I hate, or that bother me lately, but the list stays open.
Well, in the several months of blogging and enough blogs that I read, I've noticed a...shall I call it "trend", "wave", "mania"...Maybe trend...So, I have noticed a trend, a psychosis that troubles the minds of the Romanians mostly. Actually, with some rare "Americans" exceptions, I would say that this a feature of Romanians only. And I will (finally!:)) tell you what is about: I read recently a blog (not that I don't want to name it, but I really forgot who has it), where Elena Udrea was coursed like "at the front door of the tent"! She was called names, it was made a whole fuss about her origins, about how she still is a peasant in spite of all the money her husband has, etc. Well, nothing so fantastic till now, everybody knows that Romanians are very political, but what I didn't understand was that this post got 609 reactions!!! 609!!! From people who all didn't like the person in question, and they were going crazy and fanatical approving the ideas of the author, and coursing even more hysterical this Elena woman! Well, I don't know her personally, and I can't say that she has some qualities which would deny the statements of the blog guy, but...SO WHAT?? If you don't like who is leading that country, change them, or go live somewhere else!Somebody please tell me WHY would you make foam around your mouth, mentally masturbating yourself on a stupid blog, maybe even risking a heart attack (by the aggressive way they were talking there) show what? To solve what? With what is your life better if you do that? You feel that you actually did something important, or...just something? Can somebody really feel they did something by doing this stupid gesture? Or have the Romanians become so maniac-depressive that they actually need this "loud" , "foam around mouth" form of catharsis to be able to make it through the day?I would say: People!!! Wake up!!! Make your life beautiful, stay connected to reality, surround yourself with beautiful, simple things that can help you keep your balance, and if there is something that you really don't like in your life, take action! I know what it means to live in world of chaos. I begun my journey by being a superficial person who enjoyed the very simple things in life (like we all do at a certain moment of our lives, especially when we are very young), I evolved into someone who cared a lot, and involved into all I could do or change around me, with a dash of sofistication this time, complicating my personality a bit. I bumped my head against all kind of walls, I got a bitter taste from life, and I thought I reached the pick, by being a cinical, ironical, sofisticated, complicated person! And then, my journey took me back to the simple things of life, where the true happiness and harmony are to be found! What is difference between the simple me now, and me who was 16 and simple, is the experience! The experience that made me grow other eyes to look at life with. No, I don't have the key, I didn't find the answer for everything, and I am not in Zen, but my life is a millimeter calmer that those people lives, hearts and mind, and this is worthy every cent! And it is so, because I made it so! So, in one sentence, I hate political blogs, or posts, where everybody makes a lot of fuss about "X" or "Y" but nobody does anything in reality, and they don't even realize how childish and degrading is for themselves to "bark while the caravan passes"! There are, though, exceptions! I know one blog where political posts are actually having a goal, they are aiming somewhere, and the author at least tries to move something! This I appreciate a lot, because by the way he writes his posts, he tries to change mentalities, and this is very important!
And second...(I will make it short, I promise), I hate vulgar blogs!!!! Man, what I could read on some blogs....!!! Far from being a prude, it scared me! And what is very sad, is that there were people who could actually say something if they wanted, because they were far of being stupid! Why would someone do this? Why, instead of trying to be refined, having some high class humour, etc...they would choose to be so incredibly vulgar? They were not even very young to be able to hide behind juvenile hormonal justifying. Because, let's be serious, once you are over 25 let's say, sex, penis, and other ideas like that are not something to be so obsessed about (like it is normal to be as a teenager, where it is more curiosity than obsession), or to show with your finger and laugh behind your hand! But for those guys... a vibrator, a blow job, a trio or I don't know what , they were like....."wow...look what I have done!! I am the man!!! The coolest, just look at me!! "Phew...such infantile behaviour makes me sick! So, again in one sentence: I hate vulgar blogs!! I know you will say that it is their blog, their space and they can do whatever, don't understand why someone would insist for the whole world to see how stupid they are!!
The list stays open...

Monday, March 23, 2009


I took it from Joker and pass it on to Dilimache!

A funny story about meeting the folks...Sorry, I don't have, both Pascal's parents are not here any more...And about him meeting mine, it was not funny but full of tears. I hadn't seen my parents three years before the moment I arrived in Bucharest with Pascal and Luca (who was 4 months old). I just remember we were the last to come out from the luggage section of the airport as Luca's buggy was the last to come and my father was desperate and entered that section without being allowed, he grabbed the child and kissed him hard, then both of us. My mother was waiting for us in my apartment. She was crying heavily when she saw us, and said: I cannot believe that you left "one" and you come back "three"! All other meetings with relatives were also with tears...