Thursday, March 26, 2009


I took it from Copper and I pass it on to Good girls (it is the second, if you look under "leapsa" tag, you will see I passed one before,but you didn't take it!!) and to Un Om


Car: Ford parents car
Trip within the borders: Predeal
Trip abroad: Barcelona
Memory: looking in the mirror and seeing a 3 year old girl with piggy tails and holding some artificial flowers in my hands
Pet: Mitzurina, a grey cat who everybody thought it was a "she" till it was proved it was a "he", but we didn't change the name! Great mice hunter (bringing dead birds tribute to the door), a hero!
Crush: Tudor (kindergarden)
Discovery: Hmmm (you hit me here baby!!) So, I was under the walnut tree in our garden (5years old), and moulding something I found on the ground...pretending it is cookies dough - it was a dog shit!!!I discoverd it after...a long time of "playing" with "it", when I realized what was stinking so ! PS - No, I didn't taste Around the same "important discovery date" I made another discovery - if you fill a little syringe with water and then inject it into a spider, this one would not be so happy!! (I was a good child, wasn't I...sweet me!!)
Job: Ahhh, that was the best! It was just after the revolution. Me and my best friend tried to prove our authonomy and abilities to our parents, so we took a job from the newspaper! We were making pre-order for snacks (pufuleti). Every morning it was a little meeting with our boss (who we named between us "the great missouri himslef - insusi marele missouri which was one of my favourite expressions from Tom sawyer, the best book ever, along with : E teapana Huck!!-it's is stiff, Huck that we used in all kind of contexts). We were laughing so badly (with tears and very red face) during these meetings (because of the comments we were making between us about our colleagues-very serious ones-and our boss)that I never understood how we were not kicked out from the room! We worked there for one month. What we got out of that? Looooots of fun (after meetings we were going first home for a brunch and a video movie), then go to all kind of companies and restaurants to sell the "merchandise". We were invited to eat, drink...have a fun chat 5 I told you it was the ideal job!!) We were so good, that we were sent to Satu-Mare and Alba-Iulia, separately, and with a lot of cash money for hotel, transportation, etc. We went together in both places, we made friends with a girl who was a runaway (we gave her money and food (not from our pocket), we bought ourselves cool boots (also not from our pocket), we didn't make too many orders from the clients we were supposed to go, and we came back without any invoices for the money we spent, but we still got our salary!! Best job ever, one of the most beautiful journeys, one of the best memories! What a life, what times!!!
Idol: Nadia Comaneci
Creation: I created a very "avantgarde" haircut when I was 4 years old, that of course I experimented on my own hair, I locked myself in the bedroom. My mother, desperate at the door begging me to open and asking me what I was busy with! Me, answerign it was a suprise. And surprise it was!! I cannot forget the terrified look on my mother face when I came out from the bedroom with a victorious face, and a "new" hairstyle!!!


Dilimache said...

Wow I laughed a lot, poor spider..and that job, that was awesome!
But you remembered me of Nadia, of course she was my first idol, how could I forgot :-((, I still have her photo album in the living and showed it to my girl a few times....

georgi_claudia said...

I had a doll with her gym costum and the medals!! Man, I loved Nadia and that doll!!!!

Dilimache said...

Wow reallyyy? I would've killed for such a doll. But she had one in a pic, I gotta scan that one...

Anonymous said...


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