Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Manorexia fever!

We are not the only ones obsessed about our looks and willing to make crazy sacrifices just to get an extra compliment from our sweethearts! Hmm, I am exaggerating a bit:only a lunatic would become anorexic for compliments! But the stars at Hollywood, whose look bring them millions of dollars do! Nothing new by now. But when we talk about the fact that the wave of anorexia hits the men also, that is something that you don't see every day! Yes, it is called manorexia, and it seems that a third of the British ladies claims their partner is suffering this form of eating disorder. So, finally, the huge ego of the men, who was in charge to make them careless and impenetrable was broken into pieces!! Even though it is expected that the fashion would perish fast, I am glad, in a wicked way!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Oscars

The 81st Academy Awards nominations will be announced today. Would you care to make some predictions? I would say: Slumdog Milionaire, The Curious case of Benjamin Button, The Reader, The Changelling, Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Internet blog: Cute insect pics (2)

Internet blog: Cute insect pics (2)

Deep,deep, too deep love!

I don't know how depressive the Blue Monday was, but the Tuesday beat all the records! So, it was announcing to be a fun day. We were supposed to attend the annual reception at organized by Pascal's institution where he works, and he was supposed to deliver the greeting speech, as he is known as a virtual-potential stand-up comedian. And, we did all these things!The evening was great, Pascal was really very,very good...we all laughed with tears in our eyes, after that everybody congratulated him, and at a reasonable hour we decided to go home! Well, now it starts! I don't even know how to start, how to write it down! I want to make you feel a certain thing, but also I don't want to be too sentimental, and, again, to miss the message!
Luca was at home, with a close relative and her daughter. Maybe some of you read earlier Pascal's poem "Pure pain". It is inspired by the sad story of this 15 year old girl, which last night was just about to become tragic! She is in love, and lost the object of her love. Now she would like to lose the love somehow, as the pain, the agony she is in, she can't bear any more! In the last days, we tried to be some comfort to her, but all we hear among tears and after apathetic reactions, is that she just wants a way out, she can't fight anymore and that the pain is too much for her. We could see on her face, in her eyes that she meant it. And last night she decided to end it. On our trip back, we got a phone call from the mother of the girl, desperately crying that the little one took a lot of pills, that were given to her on prescription by the psychologist who is treating her.
You can imagine all the craziness following this phone call. The speed we were driving to reach home, ambulance"s noise and lights waking up the whole street, the panic, the desperate efforts to gather our minds together so that we don't forget anything that she might need in the hospital, mother who was blaming herself for going to the toilet and letting her alone when she found this moment to try killing herself, us trying to comfort the mother, the trembling of that little body on the stretcher, the pale unmoved face.
How deep can you love somebody, when you are only 15? How can we tell them that rule no 1 when you are 15, in love and in a relationship, is that IT DOESN'T LAST! That "forever" when you are 15 may last a week, a month, or 7 months! That "I can't live without you" means "I want you and...somebody else too!" Unfortunately, some of the 15's have the depth to mean it when they say: I can't live without you! I wish I could give her my mind, just for a second, so that she can see, she can know, what I know: that it is not the end of the world, that one day, pretty soon, she's gonna be fine, that unfortunately nobody can take her pain away, she must go through this alone and making small steps every day. But, all my words are heard by deaf ears!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Forget about your first love!

There's a new one. Sociologists from Essex say we should forget about our first love! They say that the euphoria of a young, fresh love will blind us and throw an unrealistic view over a future long-term relationship. Therefore, if we want to give a chance to a real relationship, we must forget about our first love! They say, the less passion in our first relationship, the better for the next, as if there is too much excitement in the first, the next will be boring and will not fulfill our expectations. My big question mark is why the associate the lack of passion with a successful relationship? Is the lack of love the guaranty for a good, long lasting relationship? And if yes...are we making business or looking to spend our time with the person we love, who makes our adrenaline run wild, makes our blood pressure go uuuupp!! I would be curious to know your opinions. Would you prefer a calm, good relationship, but without passion and excitement, or you prefer a relationship with loud fights, but also with very passionate, hot moments?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vegetarian - pros and cons

I must addmit that for a while now, I have been thinking a lot about becoming a vegetarian, as I think it's a barbarian cruelty to kill animals just to eat them (don't get me started about the idea of killing animals to wear them!!!). I will not show shocking pictures, or use violent word association to make at least somebody else wake up too, and change the way they live. I think it should come from the inside of each of us, from a mature mentality, that should be there, after more than 2000 years of evolution. How come that from the technological point of view the achievments mankind made are huge, but spiritually the man makes just little ant steps? So, like any smart thing to do and if you want to have real chances to succeed, I decided to prepare myself first, from all points of view, and among others, I was looking on the net about the pros and cons of becoming a vegetarian. I want first to make a little specification, and to inform you that I am talking about vegetarian type who excludes just the meat, not the dairy products and the eggs. So, at pros, I find things like: would help to decrease world hunger, vegeterians are less exposed to diabetis, heart attack, ostheoporosis etc., and to cons I find childish things like: some people would be embarrassed to invite you over for a meal, as you eat different than them! Don't you feel like laughing? Besides, I found out that the protein that comes from the animal meat is a "bad, harmful protein", comparing to other type of protein that comes from vegetables like soya, mushrooms, beans, which are a blessing for our bodies. So, if you follow a good, smart, complete vegetarian diet, your body will not suffer at all from lack of meat. For children and teenagers who are in the growing process meat helps, thou! Myself, I decided to clean my body gradually, starting with eating meat only 2-3 times a week. Any step is good, any abdication from meat is good, saves you (your conscience and your cholesterol), and also saves a life! Even if it's a pig life, it's still a life, and you a hero!! My request would be, for the readers of this post, please, just give it a thought!! Just see if this option would be possible for you! If would be good for you! Then look up information about the life of animals to be slaughtered, the act itself, and you will realize what we put into our body!! It's unworthy and shameful for the human being to continue on this path! And if it's helping even more, the statistics say that by 2100 half of the population will be starving! Ok, we won't be here to see this, but what about our children, the children of our children? What is our legacy that we pass on to them? Maybe it sounds like propaganda, but: the change starts with you! If you look inside of yourself, you will know it's true!

The most depressive Monday of the year

Well, bad news people! They say that tomorrow, 19th of January, it's the most depressive day of the year. The father of "blue Mondays", Cliff Arnall has a formula that shows that people are in the most depressive mood on the third Monday of January.They are after the weekend, broke because of the celebrations in December, weather sucks,vacation is far away and the most of the bills come in the third week of January. On the other hand, the most happy day of the year is Friday 19 of June. People have the weekend ahead, the weather is good, summer is close! is sooo far away!! First, we must make a big healthy leap over the "depressive Monday". So, I would say, everybody give me a high five and a "hip hip hurray happy Friday 19th of June!! "