Friday, February 27, 2009

What shall I do? What shall I do?

I need some pieces of advice from you, my pals. Look what it is about. There is a nice TV show-contest going on here, that is called "Come to dinner". Every week there is a group of four people participating in this contest. Each of them must cook a menu that must contain an appetizers, a main course and a dessert. All the other contestants are invited for dinner. After the dinner, the cook gets points from the guests for how good she/he was as a host(ess), and for how good the food was. I registered myself for the contest, as I figuered nobody can resist our "sarmale", "beouf" salad and "savarine" as dessert. They answered me back and now I should move to the next level. I have only one problem: I don't eat fish, shrimps or anything that comes from the sea! Nor lamb, phasant or stuff like that, and I am sure everybody will cook at least one dish with fish, shrimps, oysters, mother of the octopus...cause here people eat "fishy" stuff a lot!I also presume I must eat from all the food otherwise it would be impossible to grade the other contestants. If I try to eat, I am afraid I will puke. Onthe other hand, I would like to participate in this is so much fun, and it would be such a nice experience...What shall I do? What shall I do?

Good morning friends!

I have been recently reading a blog that I find interesting. I don't know if all of you would like the subject, but otherwise, it is very well written. The blog is Yesterday, I dared to make a comment on this blog! OMG (oh my God - for whom isn't used with the abbreviations that the teenagers use now days): I had a PMS-hormonal "biatch" jumping on my head, ready to rip it off, to scratch my face with her claws, pluck out my eyes...!!! And all these for the simple reason that she didn't like my comments! If you want to have some fun yourself, check out that blog!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Craaaazyyy leeeeaaapsaaa!

I took it from my husband, I pass it to Bad girls and Jokerstyle!!

If I would be a:

country: Mexico
door: theatre door
form - shape and state: irregular - solid
state of mind: dizzy
quantity: 2437 g
sunblock: 12
streetname: Molenstraat
planet: Venus
American: George Washington
dream: a nightmare about chasing someone, getting closer, and closer...haha
Romanian: Panait Istrati (but still alive)
Belgian: Gerardus Mercator


I haven't won any prizes (no Oscar yet :( for me), but I do want to thank some people who are part of my life every day, who put a smile on my face, and who just make my day better! My dearest "Poetry dungeon": I am so proud of you baby! Thanks you for you support and for your noblesse that you carry in your soul and in your beautiful eyes! "Dilimache" and "Bad girls": you are my dear friends, you conduct yourself through life with grace and wisdom. Thank you for your beautiful words, thank you for sharing! "Little Miss": sometimes you are soooo pissed, but this is just who you are and I like you like that. You remind me of "The upside of anger", a must see, in case you haven't by now! "Jokerstyle": I love your dry humour and your subtle irony (you are like a dry martini...OK, with one olive!), but mostly I like your loyalty - you are there every day! You know, they say men are divided in two categories: Ferrari's and Volvo's. Volvo's are always safe, and you know what? Maybe women say they like a sport car, and they do , for a day or a week, but for a life time...they want a Volvo! Your wife is a smart girl! "Un Om": you are such a perfect gentleman when you come to visit your friends blogs, so soft and sweet-polite, and such a tough arse when it's about politics!! Interesting combination! "Angela": your photos are so wonderful!! Your enigmatic personality and your bright heart make you a very intriguing person! "Sammi": you live us so soon, and you are ready to embark in a new adventure, to open a new chapter of your life, so I wish you good luck! All the rest of my followers, even if you don't come visit my blog so often...thank you! So now you know what I see when I look at all of you! We created a little circle, maybe it doesn't have too many links, but I would say it is a pretty strong one! We have a beautiful atmosphere, with people who are supportive, positive, polite, with a lot of common sense, and so nice! And for this, I would like to thank you all, cause you all created this, and you maintain it so good! Good job mates!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The smell of wet wood

We decided to go out today, and look what we found, just like...10 minutes driving from home! We knew there was a forest in that area, but we didn't know about this huge domain of approximately 300 ha, with a nice castle, a herb garden with over 400 kinds of herbs, a little lake, playing ground and a restaurant with a very variate and rich cuisine! when I entered the forest, the first thing that hit me, was the smell of the wet wood, mixed with the flavour of the one-day -old perfume impregnated in my scarf (Chance from Chanel, a very sophisticated perfume that I wouldn't be able to wear every day!). We walked for over 3 km, and I had to stop from time to time to take pictures, so that I can share with you the enjoyment of our eyes. Pity I can't make you feel the cold fresh air, the sweet lead tiredness that the quick cadence of our steps was pouring in my muscles. Luca was walking almost all the way with us, and when we arrived on the playing ground, he was fresh like a daisy! He played, and played, and ran, and when the time was there for going, it was a scene! He still had enough energy to kick very hard when we put him in his carriage, and even though we thought he would fall asleep on the way back, or at least in the car...guess what!! No way! He demanded for some Shrrrrrrek (with a very long "r" and very short, emphatic "k"!

The sky on our street

The picture on the header was taking in the day we came from Lille. I was in front of our house, and I liked a lot the image of the sky with a little part of the roofs of the neighbours.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring is in the air...!!

I went out for a walk with Luca, and look what I found in a garden! Ah, yeap, and grumpy Luca...and bee-Luca!

We found our vacation destination!!

So, here is where we go!!

Lovers day...again!

I had no idea that there is a Romanian version of Valentine's day, but it is! Today! I wish to all who have love in their heart to cherish it, nourish it, and enjoy it! For the one who don't have, I wish for them to find it today! I guess I didn't miss anybody? There is no other category of people, isn't there? But the ones who have love, and the ones who want to have it...:) (I refuse to believe there are people who don't care about love!). As for me...probably my Love felt something, as I received a very beautiful, frail flower yesterday. It comes from South Africa and it needs a lot of sun. Don't we all...need the sun, I mean (not coming from South Africa :)!)? PEACE!

Monday, February 23, 2009

So...I went to the cinema

I went to see "The curious case of Benjamin Button". As I expected I was very impressed with the movie, the atmosphere and the way the two actors in the lead rolls played. Magnificent! But it was not just that! It was quite an event to go again to the cinema. I am not quite a cinema person. I go rarely, and only when the movie is very good. But I like Kinepolis: the sound effects make it sooo special for you. The sound of a water leak on the background of a dialog between Benjamin and an old guy who was stroked by lighting 7 times, so amplified, dropping constantly in your left year, it was quite an experience! For a moment I felt like a superhero with a monstrously developed sense of hearing! Then, of course, to see on such a huge screen the beautiful eyes of Cate Blanchett, the subtle expressions of her face, the little wrinkles around her eyes when she smiles...I was to the cinema like...two years ago. I was pregnant with Luca when Pascal "invited" both of us to the cinema. We saw "The Lake House", and Luca Nathan Declerck was not staying still for one moment!!! :) He was moving constantly, probably because of the excessive noise, especially when music was playing. He was crazy about music since in the belly, just the way he is now!

Poza pentru Dilimache

Si pentru ca am promis...


Am luat-o de la Dilimache si o dau mai departe lui: Bad girls si Un Om


o floare: floarea soarelui
un anotimp: primavara
o culoare: rosu
un animal: veverita
un obiect vestimentar: jabou
o piesa de mobilier: sertar secret
o piesa muzicala: Besame mucho (cesaria evora)
un vers: ...dar moartea, nu se poate! (Luceafarul)
un peisaj: padurea vara
un obiect: diamant
un instrument muzical: lauta
un copac: salcie
un oras: Paris
o persoana publica: Meriyl Streep
o alta persoana apropiata: raman eu
o carte: Hotarul nestatornic (Ionel Teodoreanu)
un fel de mancare (sau ceva dulce): Inghetata de praline cu frisca si merengue
un super erou: as inventa eu unul...altfel nu ma inspira niciun erou cunoscut
un fenomen al naturii: vulcan in eruptie
o masina: nu ma prea pricep...dar sa zicem o limuzina
un fruct: capsuna
o parte a corpului: urechile
un film: The eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

Leapsa a fost super, m-a facut sa-mi pun intrebari la care nu m-as fi gandit vreodata! Si, ce e si mai gasesc raspunsuri la ele!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Manu Chao - Mala Vida

I was so happy to find this song on YouTube!! As strange as it is, I see the video clip for the first time, but the song I know for a long time. I remember I was 22 or maybe 23 years old, left my boyfriend at home and spent a weekend with my best friend at 2 Mai. This song was the favourite refrain during the mini holiday, even though our life was not "mala" at all! We always had a very strong connection, and spending sometime just for ourselves was a blessing and so much fun! I remember especially the trip back, by train, when, with my head stucked out of the window, I was screaming this song, letting the melody to be swallowed by the night while my hair was waving to the light poles along the railway tracks.

I've changed the pictures on Picasa

This time I post a set of pictures from Portugal. To be more exact, in the beginning there are photos from the road, going there, and even some from Lisboa. More from Lisboa will be posted later, as I have two or three folders from Portugal. Some photos you might think they are dull, or not so special. But they are for me! I always take pictures of all kind of details, not worrying for achieving a perfect picture, but just a photo that will help me later on to reconstruct a landscape, a room, a scenario, or a particular atmosphere. Hope you will enjoy!