Thursday, February 26, 2009

Craaaazyyy leeeeaaapsaaa!

I took it from my husband, I pass it to Bad girls and Jokerstyle!!

If I would be a:

country: Mexico
door: theatre door
form - shape and state: irregular - solid
state of mind: dizzy
quantity: 2437 g
sunblock: 12
streetname: Molenstraat
planet: Venus
American: George Washington
dream: a nightmare about chasing someone, getting closer, and closer...haha
Romanian: Panait Istrati (but still alive)
Belgian: Gerardus Mercator


Little Miss Sunset said...

you have mail!!!

georgi_claudia said...

si tu!!

Anonymous said...

Eu nu??:)) luat leapsa

Dilimache said...

Aaa intrevad o tranta pt adjudecarea unei planete... si ce faci cand ajungi the closest? :-)

georgi_claudia said...

incepe nightmare-ul de la inceput!!!haha, Asta da nightmare!!

Dilimache said...

Aolica, exact ca-n "ziua cartitei", dar si-asa nu-mi place mie somnul...