Monday, June 8, 2009

New BBQ!!

We have a new BBQ grill!! Friends are invited for a lot of goood meat and lot of fun! It is still in the box,but man I wanted it a good BBQ grill for a looong time! We saw one exactly like this one,but for 10 persons (this is for six), and we liked it a lot, but the price was...hmmm...109 euro, so we thought that maybe it is not the moment to invest this amount,especially that initilly we were looking for one of 25 euro, but we decided it wasn't good enough, then we looked for something in a price range of 60-70 euro, than the one of 109 was looking really great,so...we decided to think about it. Meanwhile Luca fell asleep in his trolly, so we took a tour in the shop. Pascal, with his unbelivable sense of observation, saw imediatelly the one that you see in the photo, which was a pomotion, placed aside from the other grills. It was 89 euro, and we also got 10 kg of bbq wood - restaurant quality (it says on it, slo I figure it must be gooood!!). I comewith more pics from the try out!! Other news - Pascal is sick again,and now Luca starts with fever!!! But we decided not to care, and to enjoy every day.