Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a song I like

And here is just a song I like, any resemblance with real persons, it is just a coincidence! I just love the beat of this song, it makes me go crazy and dance,dance,dance!

Musical leapsa

So, you want to know more songs from our love story...!!!Ok :))

All kind of mixed information

I see that spring brings all kind of very positive intentions and actions in our friends' lives. Very good! So, inspired by the nice weather, the good results that I read about on blogs, and also about the important event that is like a month ahead of us (I am talking about Easter), we decided to "move" something also. So, we announce here (very officially), that we start fasting on Monday! In the first week or so, we are just gonna give up meat, and allow ourselves a little cheese from now to then, and after that, only fruit and vegetables. If somebody has a good vegetarian recipe, please feel free to share it with me, I need it! This would be the longest fasting period that we try.
Otherwise, we don't have the car yet, but we will have the birch today. And, yeah, two days ago we took a nice walk in the forest close by and made some beautiful photos that I share with you here. This is it, for the moment.Wish us luck, cause we need it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

L'ete indien

And because I remembered this immortal song, I remembered also a particular night of my life, the night when love was alive, the night when my love was...l'ete indien!I believe that certain moments are so intense, so charged with strong feelings, that they continue to linger on, even after we left that moment. And if we would be able to travel in time, we would find ourselves in the same spot, with our love, anger, or frustration intact. I believe, some feelings, make time stop deceiving and defeating laws of nature, and they continue to live on independent of our will. That night of end of August, kept us there, in Calais, where our beatific love and joy, created an unique space that we try to find and recreate every day! We succeed so, alas, moments are unrepeatable!
It was warm, like not many summer nights are here. I could smell the dust and the street. I was wearing a lot of white in that time, so I guess I was glowing in the night. Or maybe the fluorescent light came from my heart so much in love! The joy of being 5 cm away from the loved one, to see his sexy walk, to grab his arm, to put his hand on my face, to kiss his was like getting drunk very fast! was laughing loud and sharp, he was smiling letting me read love in his eyes! We went to the casino in Calais, and won! Almost 200 euro. We crossed over and had a very late dinner. The simple fact that we could have dinner at midnight with money won for a royal flush at the poker machines, was a reason to be jumping for joy. We drove home. On the road back, in the darkness of the roads, we were listening this song. I could feel love flowing through my veins, invading my brain. It must have overflowed, as I got blinded and dizzy with so much passion.I could feel its vibration in each and every little cell of my body. I was leaning on his shoulder, holding his arm. He was taking sharp curves to have me even closer.My cheek was touching his, my lips were kissing every piece of skin that was smelling Azzaro classic next to me. And all this time...l'ete indien! What I didn't know then, and I found out only after several days, was that...we were three in the car!

Me, the driver...

Profesor la volan

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We got it!

We got the caaaaar!!! After a negotiations to the death, we got the deal! They asked 22 000 euro, which was anyway a very good price for a new car like this one. Well, I negotiated up to 20 000! There, I got stuck!! Imagine I would have liked to get 18 000!! They didn't want to go under 20 000 for nothing in the world. But the Romanian in me...hehe...and after 3 years of being Project Manager at a casino in Bucharest, under Jewish management...I kind of know something about negotiations. I knew that I wouldn't get 18 000, since they explained to me, that this was a firm car, and that they have it in leasing, so they can't decide upon the price alone. But, I still wanted a bit under their price, even though we were dying to have the car. I was acting aloof...Pascal was red in his face a I was way too aloof!! He ran after Luca who was chasing the guy's cat, and then I "cut their macaroni" like we would say in Romania (le-am taiat macaroana), and I said: cannot leave anything under 20 000...? They made big eyes and answered: Ma'am, this car costs new more than 33 000, and it has only 29 000km! It is one year old!!! Me, phlegmatically: yeah, but 20 000 euro is a lot of money...especially with this financial crisis...!'s pity! We really liked the car... Then, I took my jacket simulating I was about to leave (if they hadn't stopped me, I would have called next day to say that I called the bank and I can give them 20 000). Pascal just entered the living room with Luca, and he saw the long faces and he felt the little tension in the air. What happened? he asked me. Well, mister cannot decrease the price, and we cannot pay what he asks, so... Silence, silence, Pascal takes his jacket also (we discussed at home how we would talk and what), then the lady stopped us (women always crack first!) . Wait, I am gonna call the leasing guy, to see if it's OK for 19 500 (the number that I said it is our last price)! So, she called, they agreed, we are happy! That simple! Ah, and the test drive....My Goooooooood!!!! It is quite a very good car (with blue tooth for the phone, the lights turn on automatic when it's getting dark, if it starts to rain the wipers start automatically,etc,etc;etc). Pictures soon!!

I got leapsa!

01. Where is your cell phone? fire place
02. Your significant other? upstairs
03. Your hair? blondish
04. Your mother? strong
05. Your father? smart
06. Your favorite? Chiness
07. Your dream last night? action
08. Your favorite drink? Pina colada
09. Your dream/goal? buisiness
10. What room you are in? living room
11. Your hobby? plants
12. Your fear? dark
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Portugal
14. Where were you last night? bed
15. Something that you aren't? ungrateful
16. Cakes? tiramisu
17. Wish list item? Portugal villa
18. Where you grew up? Bucharest
19. Last thing you did? kiss
20. What are you wearing? black sweater
21. Your TV? on
22. Your pets? given away
23. Friends? far
24. Your life? heaven
25. Your mood? happy
26. Missing someone? friends
27. Car? new
28. Something you're not wearing? trousers
29. Your favorite store? Bomberna
30. Your favorite color? green
31. When is the last time you laughed? today
32. Last time you cried? yesterday
33. Who will resend this? Pascal
34. One place that I go to over and over? videostore
35. One person who emails me regularly? babycenter
36. My favorite place to eat? Icecream shop

Took it from Dili...who else?! :P

Check this out and envy me :P

Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday was full of perils, as you will find out if you read my comments at the post called "Good news". so, about the car breaking down you will know from there, what you don't know is the part with the restaurant. I know I promised you photos, but it was soooo damn crowded inside, that I didn't want to take any. I did take some outside of the restaurant for you! The food was excellent, the playing ground very, very nice, but all that noise, tables of 10-12 people, or at least 6...where is the crisis?? In the afternoon we took a walk around, and we took some nice photos, just to add some more to the collection. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good news!!

We might change the car, with this!! Oh, yes, it's black and cooool!!

Happy "Martisor"!!

Yesterday we went to the playing ground (also), so here is a little movie (very,very little)!
I was spoiled a lot, as I got a little tree that makes beautiful flowers (they are called "matzishori" in Romanian, I guess), of he is adorable!! Then I got roots of begonia and another flower that I don't know how it is called in Romanian but it is very beautiful. I got a poppy little pant, 10 yellow pansies, and...tatatataaaaaam: a birch!! Not a willow, but a birch!! The birch is gonna come on Friday (can hardly waaaait). Then, surprise,surprise, the first flowers bloomed in the garden! Today, for "Martisor" we go have lunch in a nice little restaurant called "The sunflower". I will bring pictures. I hope it's gonna be good, we've never been there before, but I know they have a nice little play room with soft rubber tiles in case the child is falling. I wish you a beautiful day, feel free to share your plans for today, and enjoooooy!!