Friday, March 6, 2009

All kind of mixed information

I see that spring brings all kind of very positive intentions and actions in our friends' lives. Very good! So, inspired by the nice weather, the good results that I read about on blogs, and also about the important event that is like a month ahead of us (I am talking about Easter), we decided to "move" something also. So, we announce here (very officially), that we start fasting on Monday! In the first week or so, we are just gonna give up meat, and allow ourselves a little cheese from now to then, and after that, only fruit and vegetables. If somebody has a good vegetarian recipe, please feel free to share it with me, I need it! This would be the longest fasting period that we try.
Otherwise, we don't have the car yet, but we will have the birch today. And, yeah, two days ago we took a nice walk in the forest close by and made some beautiful photos that I share with you here. This is it, for the moment.Wish us luck, cause we need it!


Dilimache said...

Nice! Birch is good, fasting is healthy, gooooood luck!!! Kiss!

georgi_claudia said...


Jokerstyle said...

Las-o de masina..uneori eu ma simt inradit de ea

georgi_claudia said...

am zis de masina ca era lumea curioasa...dar oricum no o las, ca eu as sta numai in masina. Daca sofezi in Bucuresti in traficul ala infect, te cred ca e naspa, aici daca nu esti pe ring la ore de varf, este foarte misto, n-ai treaba cu aglomeratie si d'astea!;)