Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Day Everyooooonneeee!!!

Love each other, be happy, celebrate your love, it is really worthy!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Destination for vacation

We have a bit of a problem deciding...maybe an advice would be welcome. So...

or Hungary?

Think of one

Think of one is a group from Antwerp, a mixutre of Belgian and Brazilian artists. Unfortunatelly I would have liked that you listen to another song, that I could not find on youtube. I have it in my computer, but I don't know how to put in on the blog.If anybody can give me a tip, I would be grateful. I tried to add it as a video, as it is in a MPEG format, but all I got was "error"! Somebody help me please!

Buscemi - seaside

I was thinking to introduce you to some belgian music. This is a Belgian artist who called himself Steve Buscemi, as a tribute to the gret actor with the same name.If you ask my opinion, with his talent, he could have kept his name - it would have made it famous anyway :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amelia - One of my favourite

The two best voices meet in a most fortunate melodic line: Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) and Lisa Gerrard (Dead can dance).

Cocteau love!

Just music I am in a mood to share!

Inertia creeps-Memories of a hot day and the dinner table

On this song, and on the dinner table, we had the hottest, wildest sex party!

Nocturnal me-memories of a rainy day and the dinner table

The seat was burning under me, as I was smoking one after another in the too warm car. The cold rain was devouring the asphalt. People were hurrying like they were under acid rain. "Whatever burns, burns eternally,so take me in turns internally"...I was smoking. My senses were more awake and sharper than ever. "Oh take me internally , forever yours nocturnal me"...I was throwing this one outside through the window opened just a quarter and light up another one. I could see and hear everything so extremely exaggerated. "...nocturnal me..."was playing over and over again, while I was having this premonition. I knew the time to say good bye was like 20 minutes away. Now he was buying a bread, but once we would be in his apartment he would give up on me! My exterior was cold and calm "...take me internally..." but inside, this snake of love and pain was poisoning my blood. Here we are, face to face, at this table, that is today our dinner table:" I can't go on anymore." But he did...

Photos from the wedding

The wedding

I was proposed on 14Th of February last year, the date that also was our anniversary:3 years since our love story began! The truth is I was kind of scared of the idea of marriage, so my baby love tempted me with a very nice scenario of a wedding in a castle. That was something that made my imagination run wild, so there was no place for second thoughts, and I immediately said "yeeees". He made some research, and came with some information about a certain castle not too far from the place we are living (35-40km) which was organizing such event. I saw this: and I liked it very much! We went there as soon as we could to have a talk, to see better the place, and eventually to book the place. The entrance is absolutely gorgeous, imposing! That was a plus. Then, when we met with the boss of the place, the impression was also good, nice person, only that he asked me like 10 times what my nationality was and he had a very obvious tendency to forget things. On the other hand, I saw him writing some stuff (not enough in my opinion) in a small notebook, in a very tangled way, so I started to panic! I was sure that he was gonna make a big fiasco out of "my day", so I started to be very bitchy about that. I have to mention that on the professional level (and actually I have to admit, not only...) I am a VERY demanding person. I do my job the best possible, I expect from others the same! And since I had to smile in the guy's face and butter his ass (my wedding was in his hands...what was I supposed to do?)of course I was making my future husband's life miserable with all kind of questions, remarks, demands, etc. The more I was thinking, the more I was sure the guy was gonna ruin the wedding, so I asked Pascal to look for another place. With his legendary calm, he asked me to trust him on this one and to let him handle the whole thing. I am gonna skip the details of buying the wedding dress and Pascal's suit, but I am gonna tell you that on 23rd of August we were scheduled to be at the city hall at 9 o'clock in the morning!! That means: waking up at 5 (after making love the till 2 o'clock - last time as single people), going to the hair dresser at 6, having people coming at our place at 8.15, 8.30 leaving for the city hall! The speech was really emotional, the employees tried to make it very personal, warm, classy and unforgettable. And it worked! As a gift from the city hall of Brugge, we received a white little statue representing two people embracing each other, but the beautiful meaning of this statue is the fact that the artist made in a such a way, that inside there is a special compound, mixture of two materials, so if you want to get that, you must break the statue first. A really nice symbol for the idea of marriage! After that we went to the only orthodox church in Brugge, where we were wed by the "arhiepiscop", because the priest was in vacation! The only week in the whole year when the priest was in vacation, was the one when we got married. The "arhiepiscop" is the priest's brother, so he did this as a favour for his relative and for us. It was very touchy and special the fact that all the people from the little choir came from their vacation especially for us, to sing at our wedding. The orthodox church is very humble inside, yet a very warm, family feeling is present. We went there two times, and both times, (also after our wedding ceremony), everybody is invited in a big room where tea,coffee, snacks, sweets are waiting for people to have there a brunch. The treats are mostly from the church's funds which cannot be too much as there are not many orthodox in Brugge), and also from what people want to bring. You can find there Romanians, Greeks, Russians, and other nationalities who are just following the orthodox religion, and mostly everybody is very busy with Romania, that they consider the cradle of orthodox religion. Everybody speaks a little Romanian, the wedding ceremony was also in Romanian, Greek and Latin, and I found there Belgian people who speak Romanian perfectly, became orthodox,and went to Romania many times, just because they feel so! After the church we came at home with a small group of people, only family to have some snack and to eat one of the two wedding cakes that we had in plan for that day! We were supposed to go in Ryckevelde forest (I talked about it on the blog) to have our vows there and to take pictures, but a day before had rained awfully, white satin shoes and wet mud...not the best combination! So, we had little sandwiches that came in big bread turtles and crocodiles. Here there is this custom: the baker bakes huge bread turtles with a thick crust, they take the inside bread out, and the feel it with little sandwiches made with all king of types of bread rolls. Then, the fruity, so creamy, so gooood!! On our wedding ring and on the cake the were written the words:"Nimic intre" (this is our motto, because of a poem that Pascal wrote for me, in Romanian, and it is called "Nimic intre". As for the party and dinner, everything was at superlative! The food, and the wedding cake were...divine!! The decorations and the hall-exquisite, the music-very good, the service-beyond any reproach! The tangled guy knew very well what he was doing, we had 7-8 waiters that were entering in the same time, one after the other like in the movies, with all kind of food under nice silver bells.The starters, the meal itself and the desert were sooo tasty, everything was top quality, high cuisine and very classy. People still talk about that day and especially about the food! It was almost morning when we came home. We made our vows alone, in our living room, and it felt great! When we went upstairs, I had another extraordinary surprise, very dear to me. A beautiful satin-and pearls, white little box of chocolate was waiting for me on my pillow, and a framed poem, in handwriting. It was the poem, "Nimic intre" with an additional part, the epilogue if you want! I cried a lot, we kissed, then...we got ready to go in our honeymoon (well, not immediately)!But about this...another time!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New tag

I wanna tell you that I have decided to open a new "tag" that it is called "memories", so as the title says, it is going to contain posts about all kind of memories, older or newer! I am gonna start with a pretty recent memory, the one of our wedding. But, for today I am just going to let you listen to our song, the one that opened the dance evening (man I cry when I hear it, and especially when I listen to the lyrics!). I am just gonna give you one tip: we celebrated our wedding in a castle! It was SUUUUUUUUUUUUPEEEEEEEEERR!! Next day we left in our honeymoon in Portugal. Tomorrow the story and pictures. Enjoy the song, it's a very good idea for Valentine's night...!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Environmental friendly website

HLN, a Belgian news site (that happens to be my opening internet page), has became environmental friendly since 1st of February. Maybe you can search and surf mostly this kind of sites, which I hope there will be more and more in the near future. I am gonna try to give you a short resume of their article took from their own page.

Since 1st of February, HLN is the first CO2 neutral new site. This is our first step in our engagement in the race for a more friendly environment. Via a software developed by two professors from Harvard and Yale, we are able to calculate the energy that is used by our website. We compensate that with renewable energy certificate that we buy from the environment friendly "wind and sun energy farm". In this way we compensate the "dirty" energy that we produce, by clean energy, buying the same amount of clean energy, that is pumped into the network of electricity. This can be checked by clicking the little icon on the left corner down, on our website. Why we do this? Internet and websites are much more polluting sources than you think. Not only factories are producing CO2, but also the servers and the computers.How can you also participate in this project? Very simple, just by surfing sites that are 100% environmental friendly!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Citizen of the world

As an answer to a friend's post, I would like to write a post myself about all the ideas, ideals, limits, aspirations, habits, behaviours, customs that society imposes on us. Some of them we realize and we accept cause we think we have no choice (something else that the system takes care you believe), some of them we don't even realize we take over cause we grow with them and they become reality. All of a sudden I realize I talk like those people who claim they were abducted and everybody looks strange at them. Only by mentioning "the system" I put that mark on my forehead!Man, I wish it wasn't true, and "the system" didn't exist! But someone must be really naive to believe that when such huge interests are at steak, that things are just let to happen, and that nobody cares towards what direction they might go! I'm not gonna go on this road now...(I guess at least everybody agrees with me that we are manipulated and controlled) , all I want to say is that we don't need anybody to tell us who we are (you are a ... German, or Italian...etc), we don't need anybody to tell us what we want (you want...a car, a house, a suit-job), we don't need anybody to tell us how to love (don't get involved too much, you get hurt, and men need this, women need that), and mostly, WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL! Maybe I don't want to be an Italian, but a citizen of the world, I want to be able to live where I want, where I feel good, so down with borders! Maybe I don't want a car and a house and a job in a suit, maybe I feel really happy being an electrician, and it's nothing wrong with that, so down with prejudice! And maybe I want to dive in love, maybe I don't care about being hurt, as I want to give it all, and get it all, so down with Cosmopolitan, and Cover Girl, and all stupid magazines who tell us how to be in order to be successful!! Maybe I don't want to be successful, maybe I am much more happy being a loser! Yet, I am afraid everybody will say:let's be a loser, that's the new trend! a loser man!That's cool! Well, I guess you have to find out for yourself who you are truly, and especially, what makes you happy! Or you just live a wasted life, and that's a pity.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've changed the pictures on Picasa!

I have changed the pictures from the slide show! they are pictures from May last year, and show our trip to Romania and back. Leaving aside the fact that I promise to myself NEVER to go again in Romania by car (it was a nightmare!!), the trip was really beautiful. The first pictures are those of the little villa where we stopped to sleep first night, in Austria. There, for 50 euro a night, we got a modest room, and a little breakfast. Next day we stopped in Hungary and even it was a big detour, we wanted to spend half day and a night at Balaton. It was worthy!!For 50 euro we got an apartment in a gorgeous villa, you can see it in the pictures, with a beautiful balcony, two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, all new!! No breakfast, but who needs it when you can eat with 2 euro per person, a modest breakfast, but enough! The garden was also sublime, and had all you need to spend a beautiful evening outside. BBQ, cradles, chaiselongues, etc. We played some badminton, as after two days in the was a blessing to be able to do so. I'm gonna enclose here a photo of the villa, cause we took more pictures with the new, wonderful villas in the neighbourhood. We also took beautiful pictures of flowers, a nice white balcony with red roses lingering (we framed three of the pictures with this balcony, and hanged them in our bedroom). In Romania, most of the pictures are from Kisseleff park, Calea Victoriei, and on the way back. The last pictures are a beautiful sunset in Austria.Enjoy!