Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have a head ache!! How unfair life can be....

I was reading on the news site that the legacy of 750 million dollars (yes, you read well, it is seven hundred fifty million dollars!!!!!) that Kurt Cobain left behind him, it is kind of disappeared...!!! That stupid bitch (who killed him, in my opinion that I formed after seeing a movie that was banned for a long time) of his ex wife, made all kind of schemes, buying houses at a low price from people who couldn't afford to pay their loans, to re-sell them for a better price...and wash some money ("poor victim!"), and of course, with her cocaine damaged brain was crooked!! Now, they can trace "only" 30 million!
People, I'm going cookoo!!! Why, WHY in the name of God, will want someone who has such a fortune, to "make business" in order to make more money??!!!! I read somewhere that a person with a regular, average life, spends around 2 million in a life time, not considering the interest from the bank in case you would have this money (that is why I said that if I would win 6 million at lottery, I wouldn't work for a boss for a second more in my life). So, ok, "they" have a lot of "expenses", let's say they spend 100 million! We are talking here about 7-8 lives of huuuuuge a you want, Courtney Love??!!!! I cannot believe that a stupid bitch, slut, drug addict like Courtney Love is soooooo ridiculously rich, after the guy who was "the value", "the artist", is rotting in the ground!! I cannot believe that all this guy accomplished in such a short life, in such a short creation time, but so strong, that still influences the whole humanity on artistic level even after 15 years from his death, is mocked, spent, used for all kind of stupid, vane "stuff" by an paranoid slut!! That she has all the luxury in the world, while Kurt was ashamed to invite his old friends (that he never forgot after becoming famous) in the limo, being ashamed of his wealth! Yes, he was and remained till the last moment of his life the most modest person possible. Money didn't change him a bit! He lived for his art (and drugs, it's true) just like he did before being rich! How fair life can be? There must be life after death, there must be JUSTICE FOR ALL!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New pictures

I have changed the pics on Picasa, and the place of the slide show on the blog! Now it is the first on the side bar! You can see the pics from Germany! Enjoy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Trier and Koblenz

We are back!!

Hellooooo everybody!!! We are back!! What can I say, it was great,great,great!!! Beautiful bungalow, nice weather, goooood and cheap food, nice swimming pool from where you could admire the mountains in the surroundings through the huge windows all around. Nice trips with the bike along the water, nice towns around - we also saw Trier and Koblenz. If you have the opportunity, go without a doubt. Ah yes, and for who is interested, all the hills around are Full, but I mean FUUUULLLL of wine vines!! And there are hundreds of tasting places for the wine!! Unfortunately none of us drink so we can't tell you anything about the wine or beer! But the cola light was good!! Hahahaha!! OK, I will let the pictures talk!