Saturday, August 28, 2010


We went, we saw...we didn't conquer as Paris can only be adored, not conquered. Paris was...PARIS! Dirty and sublime...just Paris...:) I will not try to give now a description of the town using twisted metaphored and pompous words. If you have been there, you know; if you haven't,you should go and see it, feel it, experience it yourself and not read other people's impressions about it. I liked the way Pascal put it: I have been in many towns of the world, but Paris...just...lives differently!
So, I am not gonna use words to describe it, but I do have some photos for whoever is intereasted...
The apartment we lived in for several days was in a very old building, very French (it reminded me of the place where Celine was living in "Before sunset"),very noisy during the night from all the Chinese weddings, parties,etc going on in the neighbourhood. But we didn't complain:that's Paris! Besides, shortly after midnight they were stopping. We walked a lot while in Paris, took the boat also, ate breakfast omlete at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and went to this special place on one of the bridges over Seine. It is a wired fence full of locks hanged there by people who are in love. The story goed that if you write your name and the name of your loved one ona lock, hang it there, lock it and throwing the key into the water, your love will be sealed for ever, locked for eternity! So...we did that! Another romantic moment was on our anniversary day. We randomly picked a cafe to have breakfast, and while eating, our song, OUR WEDDING song (Alicia Keys -I ain't got nothing) was playing (by chance) at the stereo! That was a wonderful surprise! And talking about unpleasant one was going to "deaux magots", a cafe where I was dying to go, as many of the big artists living in France at the begining of the century were visiting very often. It was expensive like hell (20 euro for a bottle of water and a tinny coffee), crowded, uncomfortable...what can I say...I didn't know how to drink my water faster and get the hell out of there! On the opposite corner of the street, it was a gentleman with an electronic piano (is this what it's called?), playing divinely Chopin! Pascal adores Chopin, I adored the performance of the mister...he made me was a wonderful surprise for the evening. But...that's what happens when you're in Paris! :)