Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New project!

I have decided to do a crazy thing! Wondering what? Well, I have decided to sell all (almost all-and Pascal agreed) our furniture that was pretty new, and to buy furniture from e-bay that I PAINT MYSELF!! So, our new house is gonna have old-new furniture on which I put personal effort and endeavour, and the project goes pretty good so far. We succeded to sell our eating place (table, cupboard, dressoir and six chairs) for a nice price, a bed that we didn't use anymore, and we bought a table with six chairs so far, and a WONDERFUL, EXTRAORDINARY very old chinese trunk, that I am absolutely crazy about!! The people who sold it said that they have it from their grandparents, and that it was in their family forever. Personally, I would never sell it especially that we can see clearly that it is the real dea! Authentic from the little cracks on the foot, to the smell of the flavoured wood that comes as a surprise when you open it! We also bought a little night stand that was in a terrible condition but I restaured nicely. For the table, which is hand painted, therefore not perfect (but the imperfection makes it worthy), I worked like a slave and Pascal was joking asking if I couldn't have chosen a pattern with two circles or something else very easy instead of the complicated curves from the central design...Well, the paint part ended well, so I don't regret, and the idea of having in my home something I actually participated for, it gives me the thrills... I love to scrub the old wood, smell it and make acquaintance with it! For the moment, the project looks like this (see the photos), but I am busy with it every day, so I will keep you tuned :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

It came and it went...rock werchter 2010 festival

No, I wasn't there...for the same reason as usually:I have a little priority that takes the first place in my life...but maybe (for sure!!!)next time I can post photos that I take myself at rock werchter 2011! One of the best rock festival in Europe, held every year in the Werchter village near Leuven, and where must be a delight to be! Big names of rock meet there to entertain the crowd in ecstasy:))
I saw a small part of it on tv, but of course this gave me just a little taste of "I want more". Pink-a very good live performer as usual, sexy and in a great shape, Rammstein-great as always, Pearl Jam, Empire of the Sun, Alice in Chains, as well as new or smaller groups but which were a revelation...they all made that those four days are something that you really, really must not miss! HERE