Friday, May 29, 2009


We are very busy lately, working in the garden to put grass, therefore the absence, and also due to blog problems. Anyway, if everything goes well, like in 3 weeks we are gonna have a heavenly garden, so then you will see some pictures!!:) If I don't break my back again and have to go to the chiropractor again :(

Monday, May 25, 2009

The first iris

They are guarding the path from the fence to the door, like tiny, blue, cool soldiers :)

Finally, I rode my bike!

Yes, it happened yesterday! And because I longed for so long to ride it, we did a 2 hrs. and a half tour. That means that today I can't feel my ass, my knees arms are a little better, but I can't lift big weights.we went on the Damse Vaart (along the channel), in the places where last winter we took the nice pictures with people skating on the frozen channel. Nobody was skating yesterday, but the water lillies were like frozen stars on the water! Today we go to Gent for some shopping, walking and if we are lucky and there is no wind, to play some badminton (our favourite summer activity)!

After Susan Boyle Britain has a talented 73 year old break dancer!