Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update to the post below (for Dili)

Luca in the first night spent in the new house (he is covered with my pashmina!):)

More pictures

More pictures from the back yard (I've seen they had success!). This time from last year, our first festive BBQ after we moved in!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OK...I start with pictures from...the back yard, first!:)

We have a little back yard, where there is a crowd of pots, and where we have a nice table for the long summer nights. There we also put the little car dvd, and we watch some live concerts (A-HA, Cesaria Evora),very suitable in the summer breeze , with a nice cup of ice-cream and a glass of...something good (in our case, soft drinks)! Well, now there is no summer, ice-cream we eat once a week...but I still like to look and take care at the flowers in this little yard, and longing for better, sunny days...

Miss Bateman - Clematis

These are my favourite flowers that are just opened! The wind seems to be envious with my beautiful garden and tries to make some damage! I hope my beautiful Clematis will be stronger and continue to adorn our house door, and hopefully climb up to the balcony!

I hope I will get to plant this year Clematis Pasi Flora and Crystal Fountain. There are approximately 450 kinds of Clematis, and most of them!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are ready to party!!

In the weekend we are going to party,party,party!! We celebrate the birthday of Luca: 2 years!!!
Today we went shopping for decorations and other stuff. The theme colours of the party are going to be bright yellow and even brighter orange, not that this is the preferance of the boy but hippie mama's! From napkins to Chinese lamps hanging mostly everywhere, including the tree, to candles and table cloths. There are gonna be a lot of Chinese lamps in all the shapes, colours, sizes, with or without light, a "Happy birthday" guirlande and a flagline, balloons, but mostly and the most important, a lot of gifts!! And, yeah, the Winnie the Pooh birthday cake!!!!!! With creme brule and chocolate mouse cream!!! the sin of all the sins, and even sweeter than all the sins together, and damaging like all the penitence someone does for doing all the sins!!! HAHAHA!! you will see pictures! Ah, yes, and Sunday is "The mother's day" (very important celebration here!) and mommy is going to get a new bike (with a basket in front and a babyseat in the back), as the mountain bike that I have is not appropriate anymore for my lumbago back!