Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vitality mojo!

I need one! I have one! The winter is creeping along my veins, the coldness is blocking my thoughts, my mind, the fog is challenging my sight. I'm still moving, trying to gather my powers so that I could burst into an explosion of green broken quick images, salsa music and no-God dance. I'm nervous, I'm trying to find a jerky, short-breath beat to incinerate my blood pressure with! My will is enough! I have it! My sweet, hand-trembling-with-desire vitality mojo! Tam-tam!Tam!Taaaam!Tam-tam!Tam!Tam!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Barbie is turning 50

On 9Th of March, Barbie will turn 50! A bit old to be the ideal for all the little girls in the world.But going for a younger model would show that we are a little shallow.So, I guess we should stick with the healthy plastic Barbie ideal, rather then to make an ideal out of silicon live dumb "wannabe" anorexic Barbies!


Am luat-o de la dilimache si o dau lui poetrydungeon si jokerstyle!!!

Sunt … mai complicata decat as fi vrut
As vrea … sa pot sa calatoresc in timp
Pastrez … martisoare de la mama
Mi-as fi dorit … sa fiu nebuneste de bogata
Nu imi place … ca nu pot schimba lumea cu umarul
Ma tem … sa nu las nimic in urma mea
Aud … mai ales ceea ce ma maguleste
Imi pare rau … pentru cei ce i-am facut sa sufere
Imi plac … padurile,natura,animalele, oamenii frumosi
Nu sunt … ceea ce par a fi
Dansez… si-mi place mult
Cant … nu prea, dar ii amuz pe altii cand ma prostesc
Niciodata … sa nu spui niciodata
Rar … mananc la fastfood
Plang cand privesc … cum oamenii isi depasesc limitele
Nu imi place de mine pentru ca … nu mai sunt cum eram
Sunt confuza … cand incerc sa inteleg grandomanii
Am nevoie... de soare, de padure, de munti, de apa, de el, de oameni:))
Ar trebui … sa am mai multa grija de sanatatea mea

Thursday, February 5, 2009

She did it again!

Again pills (more this time), again ambulance, again doctors...just the background changed. It was not our home this time. It seems that nothing or nobody can reach to her. In her stubbornness and blurry image of reality, she doesn't understand why people can't respect her desire to die! Her mother is a nervous wreck, her daughter looks at you, but she sees through you. Doctors seems cold and detached. We are in an emotional roller coaster that brings our stomach in our throat. Scanners do they jobs, and other doctors are gonna read the results and they will decide if to keep her interned or not. There are no places for the multitude of people who just can't keep up with the crazy rhythm of the life we are living, the cruel light in which reality it is showing itself. No matter how much or how fast we evolve, in the end of the day we are the same humans we were 1000 years ago: frail, emotional, needy, needing to be surrounded by beauty, softness...just a bunch (more than 6 billions) of thoughtful canes! My opinion is that the human mind cannot cope very well with the world, and reality that we created, this angry Frankenstein who turns against us to destroy the mad, careless creator. We tried to take the place of God. The truth is, we are a fake, lousy creator, and the mask is falling now, showing this vulnerable, weak man, who apparently envies so the true creator of all that is beautiful and meaningful, so that he chooses to destroy the creator, the creation, and himself. Suicide is encoded in our DNA.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ryckevelde forest

I have a new teapot!!!

Finally, I have a new teapot! It was not at all an easy decision to choose out of hundreds of teapots, each of them with its own meaning, each of them with its own colour, or story. I decided upon a green one with golden decorations, hand painted. I also brought home with me three different types of tea. To be more accurate, two herbals (cherry-banana and flower power) and a tea mixture called No comment. In the moment I felt the flavour of this one, an exclamation of surprise escaped my mouth. I never "sniffed" something so extraordinary delightful, awaking your senses, perfuming your mouth, making you watering your mouth, yet very subtle; I haven't tried it yet, but I promise to let you know once I do it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Girls talk

To my recent friends jokerstyle and Un om who sometimes come on my blog...sorry pals, but today is girl talk! Nothing intereasting for you. Unless you want to "get in touch with your feminine side" (here is a line that men ABSOLUTELY hate!)and give your opinion about pinkish bubbles and stuff :) We don't mind!
So, sisters...I miss summer!!! maybe it was snowing here like in the fairytales yesterday, I still wake up every morning with a burning feeling in my chest and this tormenting desire to see and feel the sun, to be warm! I miss being warm! I look every day at the pictures we took last summer in Portugal, and I sigh! And because I need to compensate somehow, I am gonna go buy myself a new teapot (the old one broke). For the ones of you who remember my old post "ritual", I showed there some pots that I loooove!If you don't remember you can check. Anyway, for lack of sun, need of compensation and wishing for a new thing, I at least move my body out of the house, which I didn't do in days!hip hip houray! I am gonna attach some pics to the post from Portugal, and when I come back, a picture of the new pot. See ya!

Sunday, February 1, 2009