Thursday, February 5, 2009

She did it again!

Again pills (more this time), again ambulance, again doctors...just the background changed. It was not our home this time. It seems that nothing or nobody can reach to her. In her stubbornness and blurry image of reality, she doesn't understand why people can't respect her desire to die! Her mother is a nervous wreck, her daughter looks at you, but she sees through you. Doctors seems cold and detached. We are in an emotional roller coaster that brings our stomach in our throat. Scanners do they jobs, and other doctors are gonna read the results and they will decide if to keep her interned or not. There are no places for the multitude of people who just can't keep up with the crazy rhythm of the life we are living, the cruel light in which reality it is showing itself. No matter how much or how fast we evolve, in the end of the day we are the same humans we were 1000 years ago: frail, emotional, needy, needing to be surrounded by beauty, softness...just a bunch (more than 6 billions) of thoughtful canes! My opinion is that the human mind cannot cope very well with the world, and reality that we created, this angry Frankenstein who turns against us to destroy the mad, careless creator. We tried to take the place of God. The truth is, we are a fake, lousy creator, and the mask is falling now, showing this vulnerable, weak man, who apparently envies so the true creator of all that is beautiful and meaningful, so that he chooses to destroy the creator, the creation, and himself. Suicide is encoded in our DNA.


Dilimache said...

What? I can't believe!!! She gotta be ok to realise she's born to live somehow ... I have no words. I just hope she won't become so skilled in this to succeed one day. Now I just wish she has a dream, a revelation or something to show her it's not worth to take your own life for anything in the world... I'd talk to that boy seriously to clear things between them and stop playing hide-and-seek (if he still does).
I think our DNA has a bit of everything encoded, we're potential criminal or suiciders as well, and the saddest part is we came to a point where more and more people do horrible things, so it's not a shock for our brains to think about them and, therefore, even do them.
I hope shell be allright and she'll be more mature after these crazy attempts. And if she doesn't care about herself, aybe she'll get this out of her mind if you make er thinkabout the emotional shock on her mom and on you or her friends...

Sammi said...

Poor girl.

I am sorry to hear this news. Unfortunately I think the best place for her is to be in hospital, only for a short time, where she can be kept an eye on by professionals.

georgi_claudia said...

I tried to explain to her that other poeple do I don't know what painful, exhausting, frustrating treatments just to stay alive, so it should be so stupid that she, who is healthy to waste her life.She does care about her mother, but sometimes she just loses it! She is very depressive.Unfortunately, the statistics say that once they try once, they are gonna try till they succeed. Nope, the boy doesn't call anymore, I think she does this so that he hears she is in the hospital, come to her and they make up. I thinks she believes in such amiraculous making up, I hope she believes, cause that would mean the desire to die is not so strong, and then there's a chance for her to be ok.
She will be stayng in the hospital, we don't know how long yet.
Thank you all for your concern

Dilimache said...

That's why I hate so much this world we're living in these days, too much freedom of anything can strangely harm weaker or ufortunate people... Maybe we're not ready to choose between right and wrong and we're given more information than we can deal with... Take care.

good girls go to heaven bad girls go everywhere said...

Sunt speachless...
Daca a incercat si a doua oara cu siguranta va mai incerca.
Cred ca cel mai bine e sa ramana o vreme in spital, acolo e permanent supravegheata, va face terapie, are nevoie de ajutor de la profesionisti.
Grav este ca indiferent ce i-ati spune voi acum, indiferent cum ati incerca sa o motivati nu veti reusi. Isi imagineaza probabil ca acel baiat se va intoarce la ea, iar daca nu se va intoarce ce rost mai are viata ei. Cred ca tot ce puteti face voi acum e sa o iubiti neconditionat.
Sper din tot sufletul ca Dumnezeu sa-i limpezeasca mintea si sufletelul chinuit si voua sa va dea putere sa fiti alaturi de ea.

Jokerstyle said...

O sa spun o chestie pe care orice ar citi-o as vrea sa o inteleaga bine si corect. Din postul tau imi dau seama ca e vorba de cineva care a incercat sa se sinucida luand niste pastile. Eu cred ca nu vrea sa sinucida. Cred doar ca vrea sa atraga atentia asupra ei, asupra problemelor pe care le are. Daca intr-adevr era o sinucigasa o putea face cu usurinta ( nu intru in detalii). E foarte rau ales modul in care a ales sa atraga atenita. Pastilele o vor nenoroci pe dinauntru si mai rau o sa o faca pt toata viata.
Georgi incearca sa pui etichete la articole. Din inceputul acestui articol imi dau seama ca ai mai scris despre asta. Etichetele iti vor categorisi posturile

georgi_claudia said...

multumesc pentru sfat. am sa pun etichete. postul in care am mai scris despre asta se cheama "deep,deep too deep love". si eu cred ca nu vrea sa moara, ci ca vrea sa atraga atentia. Are o mama extrem de iubitoare, a avut si are atentia ei, a noastra,dar cred ca vrea sa atraga atentia persoanei care a abandonat-o. Si persoana respectiva nu da semne cum ca ar fi impresionata. Nu stiu...
@bad girls
stiu ca va mai incerca.Toate statisticile arata ca cine a incercat o data, incearca pana reuseste. Suntem devastati si ingrijorati la maxim din cauza asta
Ne rugam pentru ea, si suntem alaturi de ea, mai mult nu putem face. Numai un profesionist o mai poate ajuta.
Va multumesc mult tuturor pentru grija voastra.