Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Environmental friendly website

HLN, a Belgian news site (that happens to be my opening internet page), has became environmental friendly since 1st of February. Maybe you can search and surf mostly this kind of sites, which I hope there will be more and more in the near future. I am gonna try to give you a short resume of their article took from their own page.

Since 1st of February, HLN is the first CO2 neutral new site. This is our first step in our engagement in the race for a more friendly environment. Via a software developed by two professors from Harvard and Yale, we are able to calculate the energy that is used by our website. We compensate that with renewable energy certificate that we buy from the environment friendly "wind and sun energy farm". In this way we compensate the "dirty" energy that we produce, by clean energy, buying the same amount of clean energy, that is pumped into the network of electricity. This can be checked by clicking the little icon on the left corner down, on our website. Why we do this? Internet and websites are much more polluting sources than you think. Not only factories are producing CO2, but also the servers and the computers.How can you also participate in this project? Very simple, just by surfing sites that are 100% environmental friendly!


Jokerstyle said...

what can i say....congratulation

Dilimache said...

So, somebody's thinking about this. That's great news!