Thursday, February 26, 2009


I haven't won any prizes (no Oscar yet :( for me), but I do want to thank some people who are part of my life every day, who put a smile on my face, and who just make my day better! My dearest "Poetry dungeon": I am so proud of you baby! Thanks you for you support and for your noblesse that you carry in your soul and in your beautiful eyes! "Dilimache" and "Bad girls": you are my dear friends, you conduct yourself through life with grace and wisdom. Thank you for your beautiful words, thank you for sharing! "Little Miss": sometimes you are soooo pissed, but this is just who you are and I like you like that. You remind me of "The upside of anger", a must see, in case you haven't by now! "Jokerstyle": I love your dry humour and your subtle irony (you are like a dry martini...OK, with one olive!), but mostly I like your loyalty - you are there every day! You know, they say men are divided in two categories: Ferrari's and Volvo's. Volvo's are always safe, and you know what? Maybe women say they like a sport car, and they do , for a day or a week, but for a life time...they want a Volvo! Your wife is a smart girl! "Un Om": you are such a perfect gentleman when you come to visit your friends blogs, so soft and sweet-polite, and such a tough arse when it's about politics!! Interesting combination! "Angela": your photos are so wonderful!! Your enigmatic personality and your bright heart make you a very intriguing person! "Sammi": you live us so soon, and you are ready to embark in a new adventure, to open a new chapter of your life, so I wish you good luck! All the rest of my followers, even if you don't come visit my blog so often...thank you! So now you know what I see when I look at all of you! We created a little circle, maybe it doesn't have too many links, but I would say it is a pretty strong one! We have a beautiful atmosphere, with people who are supportive, positive, polite, with a lot of common sense, and so nice! And for this, I would like to thank you all, cause you all created this, and you maintain it so good! Good job mates!


Little Miss Sunset said...

thanks Georgi. The purpose of this blog is to say what I have to say, laughing or screaming about it. Usually, I’m a very calm person, but as I was saying in the description of the blog…here is my war zone. Knowing some of the persons writing here, I’ve notice that they are different here than they are in their life –usually in a good way. Take a look at Pascal-who would have thought he is a cop when he’s writing so beautiful poems?

georgi_claudia said...

So I see you have the privilege to know some of the people in their life!I would like to know some of the people here also, we shared so much already!A blog can be whatever you want it to be (generally speaking). Some people make one to be who they are not, some to share part of their life, some to let go of some frustrations...etc. I know that living in Romania makes you an angry person!So I understand you need a war zone!I also think you are a person with a good,sensitive heart who was dissappointed, and damage is always deeper in a good heart, then in one of stone, so again I understand you need to scream sometimes.It's good for your mental health!Seriously!Again, you should see "upside of anger", don't know why, but I make a connection between you and this movie. After you see it, tell me if I am right or not. I love the actress, by the way!As for Pascal..;you know the story with bad cop,good cop! He was always the good cop! In interventions they were taking him knowing that he will be able to stop a conflict or a fight just by talking and listening.For many years now he works in dispatching, so...he is another type of cop!It is a privilege because his working hours allows him to be home for a whole week, then work for a week, be home for another, etc. that is why we are in vacation even if we don't really have a vacation.

UN OM said...

I never ever thought to stop and watch people. thanks for me stopped. and I'll tell you something. only now we are a community, small as you said too, but I like to think we are a community together.

georgi_claudia said...

yes we are! a great one!

Jokerstyle said...

I thank you for your kindness, optimism and for sharing us your moments...ok..part of them :P

copper said...

Hi guys, friends,
What I read here warms my heart and I want to thank all the followers of Georgia-Pascal-Luca for making my Snoops happy and being long distance friends but sometimes better friends than close by ones. I can assure you that she would like to meet each one of you and it makes a differance if she hears about you guys on the blog. By the way you are all welcome on the Poetry Dungeon too because, honestly, I sometimes need a little push in the back. All the best to all.

Little Miss Sunset said...
asta ca sa intelegi de ce scriu cum scriu.

Dilimache said...

You did won smthg, that's a bunch of people admiring you or may just needing you and your words every day. "Cause every tiny happening is part of us, just like some words or pics on a blog are a part of our lives too. Thank you for being so opened and thanks so much for your optimism, I know it helped me see some bad days with different eyes.
Pascal, I wanted to push you in the back a big time this morning but I didn't dare, then somehow you came there and wrote a nice poem, so thank you too!
Take care... and always remain like this!

good girls go to heaven bad girls go everywhere said...

You are so kind, my dear friends.
I have to thank you for beeing such good friends to me even if we live so far away from each other. And yes, we are a community. It's good to have you in my life.
God bless each and everyone of us!

georgi_claudia said...

God and Lady Luck may bless us all! ;)

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