Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lovers day...again!

I had no idea that there is a Romanian version of Valentine's day, but it is! Today! I wish to all who have love in their heart to cherish it, nourish it, and enjoy it! For the one who don't have, I wish for them to find it today! I guess I didn't miss anybody? There is no other category of people, isn't there? But the ones who have love, and the ones who want to have it...:) (I refuse to believe there are people who don't care about love!). As for me...probably my Love felt something, as I received a very beautiful, frail flower yesterday. It comes from South Africa and it needs a lot of sun. Don't we all...need the sun, I mean (not coming from South Africa :)!)? PEACE!


Dilimache said...

And they also say we're all coming from S. Africa too :-)).
The flowers are beautiful! And who cares when Valentine's or Dragobete is when you two love each other so much each day!!! Thank you.

Jokerstyle said...

Yes , it is a version of Valentines's Day.......or an alternative.

georgi_claudia said...

Thank you!!both!