Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet little habits!

And because for a while I have a terrible lack of inspiration (it has been so long since I haven't written an interesting post...have I ever written one? Haha!), and because I feel I should write something, and because I have been talking recently about habits and routine, and because...enough with so much "and because"...(is this what I call being funny? - man, my brain is a smooched pile of...brain!!)What was I saying? Ah, yes, that I wanted to write about habits. Well, the time is ours,meaning really ours (just me and Pascal), is the time from 10.00 pm, till we go to bed. In this time we MUST cuddle in the sofa (I must get massaged), and we must either play on the computer (a certain game called Peggles) or watch "Charmed"! Yes, I know...but this is our routine! This is what gives me that feeling of stability, safety, everlasting, love, security, and it is what I need to get that daily balance I can't work without! I know Peggle is a little childish game, but when we succeed to "master" a level, I get happy, I kiss my lover, we "high and low five" and we feel good! I know Charmed is a simple, naive series, but it relaxes me, and we like to discuss little details from the movie, or to get involved like we watch I don't know what complicated movie! This is for us, that part of the day when we reassure each other by doing this little routine "show"! This is my safety blanket and it really works! What is yours?


Dilimache said...

Mmm massage, that's good! My hub gets almost all of it lol. Well ours is that period after kids fall asleep too, but:
- they don't do that until 10.30-11pm
- the one telling them stories (or both of us) often falls asleep with them
- we have 20 min too in the morning from 6.45 to 7.05, when the little one usually sleeps and the girl is sleepy and we gotta dress her up and wash our faces/brush our teeth together and in the meanwhile me and my hub we steal some kisses from each other when being next ot each other.
In the evening we also use to relax by watching tv or a dvd or staying on the net, I just wish i was less stressed and not clean up until 12. And when I;m finished we're both too tired for anything... sad. I guess a full job of stayinbg with a baby and a part-time one with the other child is too much for this period... But we'll surely have that nice routine I sometimes dream about.

georgi_claudia said...

yes,I know how it is with thid falling asleep!we feel we don't have enough time for ourselves also...