Friday, February 20, 2009


Somewhere in the center
Restaurants, gooood flavours...hunger!

The big market square

I tried to lie to myself, but I heard them talking my language, so...

Chocolate temptations


Jokerstyle said...

i've loaded many times from Lille, but i've never asked any driver how's Lille looke like. It seems to be that kind of old "burg", like Sibiu or Brasov in Romania. I thought it's just a small industrial town

Maria said...

hey, maybe they were speaking romanian, that doesn't make them romanians. they were gypsies and that can easily be seen. let's not mix up things here.

georgi_claudia said...

no, not like Sibiu, not small, but also not industrial. The center is very nice, but the suburbs are kind of dirty, and the architecture is kind of...sufocating.
Heyyy!!!!I am so happy to see you are still alive:) Maybe you send me an email and tell me how your life is anf how often you smile, like you promise in your last post :) Yes, you are right about the gypsies. They are like the maroccans who live here. On their passport writes Belgian citizen, but they are still Maroccans.