Monday, February 16, 2009

Honey moon

As promised, I come back with some memories from our honeymoon. They are so vivid in my mind, images and sensations, flavours and sounds, everything it's a swirl of joy in my head! Portugal was one of my favourite destinations, that I kept especially so that I can go there with someone very special, very dear to me. I was about to go there several times, and in the last moment I postponed. So, there we were, for our honeymoon. I am happy we travelled by car, so that I can admire slowly the change of climate and landscape. In the moment we entered Portugal, as I promised to myself, I was listening to Cesaria Evora, and crying...I smelled Portugal, I listened to Portugal, my eyes could not have enough of it!! The villa we rented was absolutely gorgeous, and the owners thought of everything (Dutch!!):food and drinks (including champagne and wine) in the fridge, baby chair, baby bed...etc. You could see they thought about the baby safety in every little detail. I am gonna show pictures. We were there for 10 days, and we mostly travelled from town to town all over Algarve in this time. Lisboa is an extraordinary's a "must see", and because our time was kind of short, we took one of those English buses to be able to see the most of the town. Normally, when I go in a town where I had never been before, I like to get lost in it, to see the suburbia and the streets with houses where ordinary people live...that's my way to take the pulse of the town. But this time, we had to do it this way, because of lack of time, and because it was too much to see and a pity to miss. Lisboa it's a mixture of old and new, being a very crowded, alive town! The rest of Algarve was exactly how I expected: full of romantic landscapes, history, dust, heat and that specific Portuguese air that you can't find anywhere else! I will show some pictures, but soon I am gonna make an album on Picasa for whomever might be interested!


Dilimache said...

You two are like a love flower and when you show us another petal I feel blessed... 'cause it's like seeing another dream come true for you. Your honeymoon sounds so perfect and I admire you for being able to make your wishes come true. Sweet!

georgi_claudia said...

Ma dili, esti asa de frumoasa pe pe afara nu te-am vazut...dar sunt SIGURA ca esti!! Da, ne place sa ne implinim visurile, si ma bucur enorm cand vad oameni deosebiti care apreciaza asta. Inseamna mult pentru noi!! Te pupam!