Friday, February 20, 2009

Going to France

Hello my darlings! Today I woke up with Luca between us in bed (don't know how he got there, Pascal must have brought him early in the morning when I was still deep asleep), with the sun in my heart (I see some outside also), happy and with an urge to go! So, we decided to go to Lille! I am in a mood of seeing the market there, walk on the streets, go to a very special cafe where I've been before and I love it! So...bye bye! Wish me a good trip, to have fun, and I come with nice pictures! Do we have a deal? OK! So...we go, but also wish you THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!


Jokerstyle said...

Godspeed & have fun guys

georgi_claudia said...

Thanks! We are back! It was veeery good, I 'm gonna put pics soon.