Monday, September 20, 2010

Experiments in the kitchen

Hi folks! Today I was in the mood to cook something special. Therefore, I baked a nice bread (ah, I forgot to tell you that I bought a breadmachine three weeks ago, and since then I bake every day,and I am haaaaaapppyyyy!!), I made some creme brule (you know-crema de zahar ars ca la mama acasa!)and I also experimented this. Just one, till Pascal comes home and we start eating seriously. Besides the fact that the chef is damn funny (with his French accent,and whoopii hat), the recipe is goooooooooooooood!!! Try it if you can! I can hardly wait to see the face of Pascal tonight when he is gonna (I know he will) enjoy this delicious meal.


Dili said...

wow, i haven;t cooked creme-brule for years.. I think you are completely satisfied now and I bet Pascal loved it all.. :P

georgi_claudia said...

Yes,it was a success!!We ate a whole pot (o cratitza intraga:)))last night!