Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day

Today is mother's day, so we continue to party! Mommy got a new bike, a new pair of shoes (expensive like hell but papa said I am worthy...), of course plants,plants,plants, and now we are getting ready for a nice surprise dinner! As for Luca's birthday that we celebrated for 2 days, I can tell you that they were the most joyful,rewarding days from my life, and that I realized how deeply, completely happy I am! I will come with photos. We took like 200, so maybe I will make a new folder on Picasa, but I will also write a post with some pictures and explanations for them. Have to run now, wish you all a great Sunday evening!!!


Jokerstyle said...

Ohhh, shoes...where is the bike? :))

Dilimache said...

Nice shoes Georgi, and the flowers are as usual - amazing!!!! Hey i wanna see the bike too (by the way, what do you do with the old one?)

georgi_claudia said...

Mountainbike-ul il foloseste Pascal. Nu am facut poze cu noua bicicleta pt ca nu este inca montata (pedalele si ghidonul-trebuie indreptat), poate azi se rezolva treaba si fac poze.Ca de obicei cand Pascal e acasa, avem o gramada de lucruri de facut!