Saturday, July 25, 2009

Leapsa muzicala

Took it from Dili....(man, that's a difficult one!)

1.Who I am? Pleasantly disturbed - Simple minds
2.What was this day like? White hot day - Simple minds
3.What should I do with my life? Money for nothing - Dire straits
4.What are my parents like? De profundis - Dead can Dance
5.What is love? I belong to you - Lenny Kravitz
6.What I do in school? All I have to do is dream - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
7.What’s my motto? All you need is love - The Beatles
8.What is the first thing I think first time when I wake up? Alive and kicking - Simple minds
9.What is the first thing I think when I see my teachers? The carnival is over - Dead can dance
10.What is my life like? Strawberry fields for ever - The Beatles

ooooffff....finally...finished...that was a hardy!! Maybe also because I am bad in remembering titles..;anyway, I am gonna put my husband in trouble and pass it to him. you go baby!!


Dilimache said...

Mai mai, ce mi-a placut prima si aia cu motto-ul... Si... hmmm.. de profundis, da? :-)
ma bucur ca dupa poloaie a fost iar hot, uite la noi abia acum vreo ora au ajuns norii.:D

Jokerstyle said...

Concluzia e ca iti place Simple Minds. Mie mi-a p[lacut albumul ala scos prin 93-94 cu " she's a river"

georgi_claudia said...

hahaha!merci Dili!mi-ai cam facut-o cu leapsa asta;mi-am stors ceva creierii!sunt curioasa cu ce "sare" la vedere sotul meu!
da jokere,imi place tot de la simple minds ;)

Little Miss Sunset said...

money for nothing?
ne trezim amandoua din acelasi vis dimineata? :))

georgi_claudia said... tu, Brutus?!!